The Art and Details of Laser Engraved Memorial Stones

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When it comes to purchasing a headstone, you are most likely torn between buying a classic design or a laser engraved design. Skilled artisans are willing to help you decide and they will create a headstone in commemoration of your loved one. They have the skill to engrave any kind of detailed design and lettering directly into the stone. It gives you the ability to select any detail possible such as choosing a portrait of your loved one or a photographic collage that tells their story.

History of Headstone Engraving

Whenever there is a body that is buried in a cemetery, a mark that is commonly referred to as a headstone is placed at the head of the grave in order to identify the person who is buried. It normally states the name of the person who passed away, the date of birth, date of death, and other information. A lot of headstones are made from either bronze or granite. The color typically ranges from gray to black. Headstones come in a wide range of styles and shapes, from traditional rectangles to structures that are intricate. Engraving also has a variety of styles and fonts that are available in our world today.

Headstones come in numerous styles and these are flat markers that lie flat on the ground and is placed at the head of the grave, bevel markers that are normally thick and lies flat on the ground, slant markers that are about 15-18 inches tall that sits flat on the ground that creates a wedge shape, monuments or tablets that stands upright out of the ground, ledgers that are engraved and used as a headstone itself, granite that can be carved and engraved with letters, emblems, and numbers present on the stone, as well as the marble, limestone, sandstone, and slate.

Each cemetery has its own rules and regulations about the types of headstones that they allow, including the size, features, and style. Expect that the larger the headstone is, the more expensive it will be. The prices of headstones are usually calculated by its overall weight and it is exclusive of any additional features such as engraving and other customized features like images.

About Laser Engraving

One of the greatest choices that you will make when it comes to the inscription of the memorial is laser engraved images. It is an innovative and modern way to specifically personalize and customize the headstone. Laser engraving is a new technology, and it is considered revolutionary in our memorial industry. Laser engraved designs are usually done with the use of high technology and advanced laser engraving machine. The laser will be used to scratch the stone in a very accurate manner, it will chip away the stone as the laser arc hits the surface. The price of laser engraved stones is less expensive than traditional engraving because of the amount of work required from beginning to end.

A good method to have a large image that will be placed on the stone is through laser engraved memorial stones since the technology itself knows how to perform intricate imaging. The laser will move back and forth as it passes over the stone and burns a row of tiny dots. Laser photos are normally done on black granite so that people can see the sharp contrast between the color black and white. On the other hand, porcelain photos can be done in sepia tones, black, white, and full colors.

The Significance of Laser Engraved Memorial Stones

The laser simply stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is a device that generates a strong beam of rational monochromatic light or electromagnetic radiation via stimulated emission of photons from molecules or atoms. The light that is passing through an active laser medium focuses the beam into a single color of light as well as amplifying its power. The light from the laser machine then hits the stone with the right amount of force and focus and it is where the engraving begins.

The process of headstone engraving has the power to add a personalized touch to the memorial stone. Artists can turn family memories from photographs into detailed stories in black granite while using extensive laser engraving techniques or through hand craftsmanship. The services that they offer will certainly create a memorial stone that is notable and exceptional. You can choose an image or a scene from their own catalog or you can also submit your own chosen photos. It is an imaging process where skilled artisans use a technologically advanced laser to engrave into the topmost layer of rock to engrave text and images into it. It allows different photographic images to be directly etched into the stone and creates a long-lasting and durable finish. The entire process is more than just a carved date and name in the stone.

There are several laser engraving requirements such as the use of original photos with a good focus and sufficient amount of light and ensure that the face is very visible and clear. Photos will be adjusted for resolution and optimal contrast. They will fix minor blemishes, remove any unwanted parts of the image, and make sure that the final image is as clean as possible. Afterward, they will transform the photo into an image that is made of white and black dots since laser engraving is usually done on the darkest granite available. It requires a dark background in order to be seen and to guarantee that the results are clear and bright. Once the entire procedure is done, expect to see a grayscale image that was made from millions of the tiny dots and engraved directly into the stone.

Laser engraving is completely permanent. Skilled artisans across the world are working directly with their customers when it comes to laser engraving in order to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. They will send proofs within five business days and once you have approved it, they will guarantee the delivery of the completed stone within a few weeks.

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