6 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Fire Safety System Needs Upgrading

Employee safety is something that business owners must consider. It’s not enough to come up with a plan and assume it will work fine for the next several decades. The day will come when some changes will need to be made. Is it time for you to think about some upgrades, perhaps a completely new Herbert Williams fire alarm installation? If any of the following applies to your operation, the answer is yes.

You’ve Outgrown Your Storage Capacity

In years past, you invested in storage cabinets designed to hold all sorts of safety supplies. Those cabinets are still in top shape, but they don’t provide the capacity that you need today. The best approach is to find a supplier of flammable storage cabinets and increase your storage capacity. Doing so makes it easier to keep everything organized and easy to find at a moment’s notice.

The Office or Plant Layout is Different

When the business moved into the facility, the layout was very different. Over time, there’s been the need to adjust where different departments or functions are housed. With all the moving about, have you also considered that maybe the placement of the fire alarms is not quite as viable as before?

Now would be a good time to have an expert come in and bring the alarms in line with the current layout. The right approach to a Herbert Williams fire alarm installation will ensure no area of the facility is left unprotected.

Much of the Equipment is Older Than a Decade

Some types of fire safety equipment will last for decades. Other elements need to be upgraded or replaced entirely every ten years or so. When was the last time you conducted a full-scale evaluation? Along with some additional flammable storage cabinets, you may need to make some other changes in terms of replacements or additional equipment.

More People are Working For You Now

Even if everything seems to be fine, consider that your employee force has doubled since the business opened. That’s more people who need a safe working environment. Now would be a good time to have a professional evaluate your fire safety measures and determine if a fresh Herbert Williams fire alarm installation is in order.

Local Safety Standards Have Changed

Municipalities and other jurisdictions periodically review and update their fire safety standards. The goal is to ensure people are safe whether they are in a business, at a school, or shopping in a local retail outlet. Are you aware of the latest standards and how well your safety measures comply with them? If not, now is the time to have a professional conduct an evaluation. If there’s a need to make some changes in order to remain in full compliance, rest assured that new alarms, more fire extinguishers, and even extra flammable storage cabinets can be secured in no time.

You Want the Best For Your Employees

Fire safety in the workplace boils down to one key question: how much do you value your employees? It’s important to protect your raw materials, the machinery, and the finished goods, but the real focus should be on making sure your employees are protected at all times. If you have any reason to think that one or more elements of your fire safety effort is lacking, now is the time to make some changes.

Call a professional today and have your place of business inspected from top to bottom. It won’t take long to identify what elements of your fire safety equipment and planning are fine and what needs to be upgraded. Remember that it only takes one incident to make that investment in new equipment worth every penny.

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