A New Study Finds New Data About Careers In Electrical Construction

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If your dream is being an electrical contractor, below are guidelines that will help. Electrical construction involves developing, testing, designing, and installing various systems and equipment. Electrical contractors work in homes, factories, and businesses. Electrical constructors can be residential or inside electricians based on the area they are giving services.

Electricians work fulltime although the working hours vary based on the weather conditions. They are at times expected to work overtime during construction site maintenance. In modern society, almost every building or any construction involves advanced technology and thus increase in jobs for an electrical contractor with approximately 9%.

Electrician duties include;

  • Train workers on how to install, repair electrical wiring system, repair ‘equipment’s and maintenance
  • Read the blueprints of a building and ensure that clients’ interests and expectations are addressed
  • Inspect and identify any problem on the construction equipment’s circuit breakers
  • Follow all the construction regulations set by the state or local governments
  • Formulate solutions on how to maintain lighting systems.

Education and training requirements

Most electricians learn through an apprenticeship, which requires them to have; a minimum of 18 years, free from any substance abuse, pass an aptitude test and have a high school diploma. Most states require electricians to be licensed thus must have education certifications and valuable skills.

Where can you get a job as an electrical constructor?

There are thousands of construction groups providing jobs to millions of constructors who are qualified and have met all the state requirements. Feyen Zylstra Is a prominent construction group that has been in operation for more than 30 years.

Feyen Zylstra’sZylstra’s construction group has gained extensive experience in completing various electrical installations for both commercial and massive industrial projects. The company aims at providing quality work to all its clients, thus earning a reputation. They have established long term partnerships with many clients. The organization ensures Fayen Zylstra Construction Group to be involved in designing, budgeting, and construction processes of the project.

If your passion is being an electrical constructor, join the Feyen Zylstra, construction group. They offer their employees various benefits, and since they have a good reputation in construction, you are assured of getting a job regularly. The company follows all the state regulations and has attained all the licenses needed.

Average pay

As per the United States Bureau of Labor, Statistics electricians earn approximately $51,880, but the fee varies with the client and the services. After an electrician has completed the apprenticeship program successfully and acquired a license, they earn approximately $52,000.

License and Certifications

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics requires one to apply for licensure after completing an apprenticeship. An individual makes the application. They must also pass the set tests to be licensed. The criteria cover mathematics, theories of electricity, and local building.

After being licensed, it is a requirement to renew your license regularly after the state agreed time. Seeking a job in the electrical building sector should not string you bring. There are thousands of companies offering employment and also with adequate capital; you can start your construction company.

There she sites, including indeed.com, glassdoor.com, LinkedIn, and monster.com, where you can seek electrical construction jobs. Upload a resume to share your skills and experiences.


Pursuing your dream as an electrician should be straightforward after having the right education and have all the qualifications needed. Electricians are respected people in society for their contributions to creating a better world.

They are supposed to be hardworking, good communicators, problem solvers, have leadership skills, and creative thinkers. Despite the dangers and risks involved in the construction, electricians play a significant role in society.

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