Increase Donations & Reach Targets Faster With These 6 Creative School Fundraising Concepts

You’re staring down a looming school fundraising deadline, wondering how you’re possibly going to bring in enough to meet your targets and come through for your kids. They’re counting on you, after all.

Is your situation hopeless? Not at all. At least, not when you adopt an all-hands-on-deck mentality and embrace proven school fundraising solutions.

For starters, invest in high-profit fundraising products through a leading fundraising distributor platform like ABC Fundraising. Their ideas for school fundraising could make the difference between making and missing your fundraising goals.

Next, you’ll want to adopt creative school fundraising concepts that have worked for others in the past. Depending on your timeframe, you may have time for just one or two signature concepts. If your fundraising deadline is far enough in the future, perhaps you’ll get to more.

Either way, these six creative school fundraising concepts will increase donations and boost your chances of getting to your target with room to spare.

  1. Tabling at Approved School Events

Set up a table for your club or team at complementary school events, like sports contests or science fairs. Be sure to notify the appropriate authorities of your plans, stick to approved areas only, and follow any policies governing soliciting. If you’re not permitted to collect donations directly at school events, pass out literature and encourage attendees to donate online.

  1. A Community Meet-and-Greet

Host a “get to know you” event for community members at a free or low-cost community space, preferably on or near your school’s campus. Spread the word on social media and Nextdoor, and encourage fellow parents to do the same. Flyering your neighborhood and/or community boards isn’t a bad idea, either.

  1. Canvassing the Parking Lot

The Salvation Army is onto something with its ubiquitous presence in supermarket parking lots across America. No need to dress up like an elf or ring a bell, but you do need to make the ask.

  1. Karaoke Night

Turn the volume up – way up – with a kid-friendly karaoke night at a restaurant or community gathering space willing to host your group for free. Follow these karaoke hosting tips to create a memorable experience that gets attendees to open their wallets.

  1. A Talent or Variety Show

Fancy an even bigger production? Put on an all-student talent or variety show featuring music, improv, spoken word, and whatever else your kids have in their bag of tricks.

  1. A Yard Sale

Put out a call for gently used items and host a central “yard sale” on or near school grounds, if permitted. Otherwise, designate your own yard (or street, with police permission) as the venue. Donate all proceeds to your fundraising drive.

Get Your Raise on This Season

Now that you’re armed with six creative, high-potential school fundraising concepts, there’s only one thing left to do: start planning. An all-hands-on-deck approach to school fundraising means involving other parents and especially getting your kids in on the action, as there are always age-appropriate roles for fundraising beneficiaries to play.

Perhaps one day soon, as you look back on a successful fundraising drive for your kid’s club or team, you’ll have your own pearls of wisdom to share. Until then, it’s time to buckle down.

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