Allen Hartman on Why Good Quality Real Estate Photos Can Bring in More Viewers

A photograph is an opportunity for you to provide a first impression. In the world of real estate, this photo is what initially attracts viewers to the property and enables them to consider the proposition. Having a high quality photographs can really make a huge difference in the number of showings and interests a property received. This is something Allen Hartman has seen in his professional experience in Houston time and time again.This is why, for him, his photographer is his right-hand man and he has faith in his abilities. That being said, you also understand that a professional photographer is quite expensive, which is something some home sellers simply cannot afford. This is why he has developed the following types of importance for those who want to do as much as possible themselves.

Allen Hartman’s Key DIY Real Estate Photography Tips

  1. It’s all about the focus. Most people have digital cameras and they have an automatic Focus function on it. It is very important to keep a steady hand and to capture the shop as quickly as possible. If you do not have a tripod, placing the camera on a solid surface and pressing the self-timer is a great way to make sure there’s no movement on the shop.
  2. Make sure you try pictures from each angle. One of the greatest benefits of using digital photographs is that you can effectively take unlimited pictures. This means that you should try to capture the house from every single angle and decide which pictures are best afterwards.
  3. The light is your friend. Natural light is the best wherever possible, which is why you should try to take each photograph with a flash and without flash to see the difference. Usually, taking pictures without a flash is better because it also reduces glare and reflections. If the rooms are slightly dark, try turning on over headlights or corner lamps before using the flash.

It is really important to understand just how vital the first photograph someone sees of a real estate listing is. Typically, this will be a shot of the exterior of the home, usually on a beautiful sunny day. If you have taken this picture yourself, make sure that you have cropped out anything unnecessary, such as your neighbor’s homes. Do also make sure that your outside looks beautiful, for instance by putting away all the children’s toys, mowing the lawn, removing all the trash cans from your drive, closing your garage door, and making sure your blinds and curtains inside the home are open. People also do not like to see a lot of pavement and driveway so try to crop that out as much as possible as well.

Once you have done this, you will be ready to take interior photographs, which most professionals will tell you is far more complicated. This is because you will need to make some important decisions in terms of what to photograph and what not to photograph. One good tip is to take photographs of everything and then discuss what should be included in the listing with your real estate agent.

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