Ahmed Nashaat Looks at How Traveling Benefits the Soul

Travelling has fantastic benefits. Most of us do it for the simple enjoyment of being able to get away from the stresses of daily life. But in so doing, we also enrich yourselves and make ourselves healthier. This is why Ahmed Nashaat is taking the time to look at the different ways in which travelling actually benefits the soul.

Traveling Benefits According to Ahmed Nashaat

We all do things that are good for our health. We try to get a good night’s sleep, we meditate, we ate kill, and we go to the gym. However, travelling should also be in the list of things we do to improve our overall health. Some of the ways it helps us include:

  1. It improves the health of our heart. This is because, when we travel, we move physically. We stroll through the streets of foreign destinations, be rushed through the airport comma we swim in the sea. Studies have shown that those who travel at least twice a year or eight times less likely to develop heart disease.
  2. It helps to keep our mind sharp. This is because the brain loves to experience new things, challenging it to accept new experiences. Doing so slows down degenerative disease and improves both concentration and memory. Simply interacting with new situations, cultures, people, and experiences can help slow down the onset of cognitive dysfunction. This is particularly true if you visit different areas whenever you travel.
  3. It makes us more creative. A study in 2012 showed that people who are more immersed in different cultures are also more creative. Not just that, they tend to have greater professional success. It is of importance to actually immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting and not simply going to a different physical location.
  4. It improves our mental health by reducing stress. Studies have shown that 89% of people who are on vacation can truly relax after just 48 hours into the trip. Stepping out of the daily routine and stresses is a fantastic way to feel good again. Furthermore, while on holiday, most people take part in various leisure activities that help to improve psychological functioning and lower depression.
  5. It makes you more connected to yourself and to others. Even those of us who see ourselves as being very broad-minded are limited by our geographical location. It is only when we start to travel that we truly see what it means to be from somewhere else and to follow different cultures and societal norms. By immersing yourself in this, you become a truly connected global citizen and thereby a better version of yourself.

These are just some of the ways in which travelling can enhance your overall health and why it is essentially good for the soul. As a traveler, you will learn to shift your perspective and see the world beyond your own horizons. This isn’t experience that you owe it to yourself to have. The world is a beautiful place and denying yourself the opportunity to see it and experience it is actually akin to selling yourself short.

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