Arnon Dror, A Business Inspiration

For anyone who wishes to be successful in the business world finding role models is something that is key in terms of development. Role models, be they people that you know or even international figures, can help to shape the type of business person you wish to be, as well as providing something of a benchmark for you to aim at. For me that person is Arnon Dror, a local business legend here in Portland, Oregon and a man who has inspired me from a very young age. During my education Arnon came in to speak to us about business and I later worked with him. There are so many reasons why Arnon has inspired me and I want to talk about him a little today, take a look and think about who it is that inspires you.


Despite the fact that Arnon has been in the business world for over 20 years, during which time he has held high level positions such as VP at global giant Xerox, not to mention his own business successes, he has always strived to improve. IT must be easy for many long serving business people to rest on their laurels somewhat but Arnon has always worked on refining his business craft, and looking for new ways of working, something which we can all learn from.


There is a silly notion that those who are successful in business must be Draconian in the way that they are with people but this really isn’t the case, especially for Arnon. In fact when I first launched my own company here in Portland, Oregon, Arnon was incredibly supportive and he was regularly trafficking clients and contacts my way. As I mentioned at the top of the article, I first met Arnon when he was speaking at my school, which he still does now in an effort to give back to the Portland community and inspire future generations.


Arnon often said hat the very best business people are able to operate almost any type of business and that is exactly what he has done during his career. The businesses that Arnon Dror has launched and those that he has been involved in span a huge variety of industries and sectors, and he has been successful in almost all endeavors. The reason for this is the core skills that he possesses and his brilliant business acumen.


If I had to think of a single word to describe Arnon it would be professionalism, something which he applies to everything that he does. Not only does Arnon have the tools to be a great businessman in terms of his skills, he approaches everything with a high level of professionalism and that is what I believe has brought him so much success in his life and his career.

Having someone inspiration that you can look to is vitally important and this is why for me, Arnon Dror is someone who continues to help me to be a better version of myself.

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Melissa Thompson

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