Best Version Media, How To Ensure Your Company is Reviewed Well By Staff

In recent years we have seen the emergence of online reviews of companies which relate to the standard of employment as opposed to a product or service review. This is something which caught many companies out as it meant that their staff had a public forum where they could be honest about what the working environment is like. One company which was certainly not caught out when their staff began to write reviews on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, was Best Version Media, an international publishing company who make high quality micro tag magazines. If you want your company to do well with these kind of employee reviews, here is why Best Version Media have done so well.


Staff who work for Best Version Media often speak about how highly valued they feel within the workplace, regardless of where they are working within the company. In order to create a culture whereby the staff do feel valued your company must be ready to listen to the people in terms of ideas and improvements which they may wish to put forward, and it is also about celebrating success when employees do well. Employees are not numbers and they should never be considered as such, treat them well and show that you care, and they too will feel valued.


A dangerous trend which companies must be careful to avoid is expecting great things from their staff, without offering the same in return. At Best Version Media the reviews will often talk about how flexible the management staff are when it comes to time off, be it vacations or personal time. Best Version Media are very flexible with their staff taking time off, within reason of course, and this results in the staff being more than happy to chip in with extra hours or working days off when the company requires it. Being flexible in this regard is very much a two-way street and if you can be on the front foot with it, you can expect that flexibility in return.


Having the tools to do your job should be the most basic requirement for any member of staff yet in spite of this there are many companies who do not look after their teams in this way. This could be anything from a new desk chair to better quality computers, modern cleaning equipment to new uniforms, whatever your staff require to do the job well, a business must provide. Best Version Media scored highly for this kind of thing on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed and whilst it may be a very simple change to make, it is one which not enough businesses do. In the main, staff want to work and they want do the best job possible, what a company needs to do is make sure that they create an environment whereby the workforce is able to do that by giving them the right tools to do their job.

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