Bad News For General Motors Truck Owners All Over The World

A steering defect just forced automaker General Motors to recall a whopping 800,000 trucks scattered all over the world. The GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 could get you in serious trouble on the road if they lose power steering–something that could happen because of the defect. This news landed on Friday, August 5, but there still isn’t word on when repairs for the vehicles might be made, which could land the automaker in hot water with people who need the transportation they just lost.

General Motors defects aren’t unheard of, but when you’re the biggest car manufacturer in the United States of America, the average consumer might expect more. The defect isn’t guaranteed, but owners of either ’14 model are more likely to experience a loss of power steering when making low-speed turns (which is perhaps the worst time to lose steering, one might argue). 690,000 of the recalled vehicles are situated in the U.S., while 80,000 are in Canada and another 25,000 in other countries around the world.

In order to fix the defect and make the vehicles safe again, GM dealerships need only tweak a vehicle’s software. When news of the recall was addressed, there was no word on whether or not automobile accidents had precipitated the recall. If there are injuries that were caused by the loss of steering, that news is likely forthcoming.

According to GM, the source of the defect was addressed in models from 2015 and onward.

If you or anyone you know drives one of the aforementioned vehicles, it’s important you heed the recall and bring your car in. If you were in an accident and think that this defect may have been the root cause, then it’s important you contact an attorney to address potential avenues for compensation. Consults are usually free, and you can bring any records of purchase and bills for damage or medical help you may have incurred because of an accident. Even if the defect was not a factor in an accident, you should seek the advice of counsel to prepare and mount a response.

Recently, the stock of General Motors took a hit because investors were worried that the auto giant might not be moving as quickly as competitors in order to draw in new markets and make proper use of new technology. Current markets are experiencing a dramatic slowdown, even in the midst of the most profitable quarter that GM has ever had. Will GM adjust to fit into a new supply and demand paradigm? Time will tell.

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