Talent Acquisition In The Digital Age

Did you know that according to most recruiters, 50% of all job applicants don’t have the basic qualifications required for the job they’re applying for? This adds up to a pile of inapplicable resumes on the human resource manager’s desk. From an employer’s standpoint, this accounts to a waste of time and effort just to reach the right people for the job.

Millennials hunting jobs today often misdirect their focus towards a domain they don’t naturally belong to. These digital natives will be replacing 50% of the current workforce since most of the baby boomers will be retiring in ten years. This makes it essential for workplaces to use new methods that effectively help them reach out to the candidates they want first. They need a method that allows employers to scan the applicant pool for competent and desired candidates for the job, and also makes it easier for millennials to search for jobs.

An application tracking system today is an online tool that helps organisations reach out to the masses with efficiency and seamless ease in the highly competitive employer’s market. It’s been shown that 73% of millennials found their last job through social media, a digital medium that HR applicant tracking systems vigorously use to extend their reach for potential employees. Here are four advantages that prove Applicant Tracking Systems are what employers and job seekers need.

Increased Efficiency

Application Tracking Systems work by providing individuals with their own accounts where job seekers can log in and upload their resume which can then be accessed by the employer through the system. Having all the information organised in one place means not having to make those complicated spreadsheets and making the whole talent acquisition process simpler.

Organised candidate information

Employers can send out job alert emails to candidates so they can apply at your company. Companies open with vacant positions receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications for a single position and an applicant tracking system acts as a filter for them. Employees can also post specific questions to the applicant in order to validate the candidate’s conformity to the culture and test their competence. Searching talent has never been easier.

Easy report production

Your hiring experience through an application tracking system can also help you in recording or observing certain trends in the process that you are interested in. If you want to know how long it takes to hire a certain profession, you can instantly access the information concerning hiring time for a particular job type and generate a tailored report on it. This is a great tool to monitor your campaign’s performance.

Easing the candidate’s experience

HR applicant tracking utilises social media as a tool to search through a massive pool of viable and competent candidates. Most of us today possess smart phones we use to scroll through our social media account. Finding a good job right on your phone is an added plus for candidates. Candidates can use their smart phones to access the mobile optimised application process to apply for jobs on the go. This greatly shortens the total time to hire as well which can prove to be important when employers need urgent replacements.



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Boris Dzhingarov

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