Content Marketing: How To Appeal To Consumers When Marketing a Service or Product

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Marketing in the digital age has led consumers to be pickier when it comes to the content that they consume. Consumers on the mobile devices are saturated with a variety of content which is both low and high quality. The days of writing a generic clickbait type article and converting with large amounts of traffic are over. High quality content being produced on a consistent basis will not only reflect positively on a brand but it will also help a company when it comes to search engine rankings. Appealing to the consumer needs to be done multiple ways as everyone could be attracted to different types of content. The following are different ways to appeal to consumers whether you are marketing a product or service.

Save Them Money

One aspect of a product/service that appeals to nearly every consumer is that of saving money. Allowing a customer to understand where they can save this money is imperative much like does. For example, alternatives to cable are out there that can save massive amounts of money on this bill monthly. The consumer needs to know about these alternatives and a streaming company could benefit from this type of content.

Investments that pay for themselves are also high on consumer’s checklist before they purchase what is being offered. A company that specializes in energy efficient windows could show the savings over the lifetime of having the windows. The investment paying for itself in savings over a few years is attractive but the content should also note that it will also increase the value of the home as a whole. People want to feel like they are getting the best deal possible so allow them to see where they will save. A piece of content that included a savings chart could help close sales as people will be able to plainly see what they are getting with their purchase.

Increase Their Quality of Life

People are always looking for ways to make their life better on a daily basis. Offering a product that will save time on a task that a person already does not enjoy doing can help close a sale. Concentrate certain pieces of content on time that will be saved or chores/errands that will be eliminated with what is being offered. Amazon does a great job of this with their Prime membership as this allows people to save time and money shopping with quick delivery. Another thing Amazon does is offers free delivery in certain states from Whole Foods. Now people do not incur that extra fee and do not have to battle the traffic or long lines that have become much more common at the store with Whole Foods becoming more affordable. Content surrounding all of the ways life will be better by using a product/service needs to be done tactfully. Content that tries to sell instead of educate can turn off the reader as people want to feel like they are buying something instead of being sold something.

Compare Similar Products/Services Honestly

A way that some companies appeal to consumers when marketing is by comparing their product or service to the competition. All consumers will figure that the company will tell them that what they offer is better than the competition in every single way. If this was true there would not be much of a competition with another company so an honest comparison can work in a positive way. Letting the consumer know that the competition might be less expensive can earn the trust of the reader. This does not mean to tell the customer that a competitor is better in all ways but rather give them the truth. Truth is sales and marketing is rare so this will intrigue the customer and make them want to buy what is being offered.

Content marketing has to appeal to consumers in a variety of ways as all consumers are different. Try the above tips to increase ROI on your next content marketing campaign!

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