Essay Writing Services: Are They Ethical?

Did you know that more than 20, 000 students in the United Kingdom – 6, 000 of whom are enrolled at Oxbridge universities buy custom essays online? Academic writing is gaining popularity not only in the UK but the entire world. A quick search on Google will turn up thousands of article and essay writing services on the internet. What’s more interesting however, if the fact that the practice of hiring another writer to write on your behalf is not something that is new – in fact it started centuries ago with presidents, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even university processors hiring authors to pen winning speeches and research only to take full credit of it as their original work.

Is Essay Writing Service Ethical?

While this practice is widespread among politicians, celebrities and industry experts, the argument of whether an essay writing service is ethical or not is still a contentious issue in the academia. The underlying truth is that – it depends solely on the circumstances through which a student sought these services. Without a doubt, over-dependence on essay writing services – such that you finish school without ever learning how to craft an essay since you outsource all your assignments can be very damaging.

However, that does not mean only privileged and lazy students are the beneficiaries of academic writing services, other people who benefit include writers who earn a decent living by offering their services as well as students who are unable to handle all their coursework due to unforeseen circumstances, family responsibilities and work overload. When you consider such scenarios, then essay writing services are not only ethical but crucial as well.

How Essay Writing Services Benefit Students

Foreign Students

There are over 1.1 million international students who have enrolled in US schools. The majority of these students experience difficulties understanding the English language. Outsourced academic writing services are essential to international students who cannot comprehensively articulate themselves and their ideas in English.

In most cases, international students could have a great understanding in their course of study but find it extremely difficult to write essays in college-level quality since they are not English native speakers, thus end up failing a class. Therefore, this not only explains why a lot of students rely on essay writing services but it also shows that barring such students from getting professional help in essay writing could be tantamount to discrimination and unfair treatment of ESL students.

Part-time Students

According to a study done at Georgetown University, 7 or 8 of every 10 American students have a part-time job. Since it can be challenging to balance studies and work, some students outsource writing services online to help them cope up with the limited time they have.

In conclusion, there are very valid reasons why students need freelance essay writing services. There are just too many coursework and academic tasks to complete within a minimal time; therefore, hiring professional help is necessary and also ethical. Besides working students, international students also need essays writing services so that they can perform at the same level as their colleagues.

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