The Effects Of Bad Customer Service

Customer services can make or break a business. If you are not giving your all to your customer they’re going to start giving their business to different places that offer what you’re offering them. Unless you have absolutely no competition in your field, you need to treat your customers well.

While customers may not actually always be right, it helps to treat them as if they are. There are so many other things to that go into customer service as well, like the following:

  • Customers need to know you care about the services and products you are offering them
  • They also need to know that you care about them and their needs
  • They want someone that is there to help when they need it, but not stalking them around the store
  • Customers want answers from knowledgeable employees
  • They also want to see smiling faces and hear happy voices

If your business isn’t offering those five things, at minimum, to your customers, you will start to suffer the effects of bad customer service. Those effects include what you’re going to read below.

Loss Of Single Customer

If you give poor customer service to someone you have a high risk of them never coming back to your business. It doesn’t matter if they had a bad experience online or in person. It also doesn’t matter if this was the very first time they had a bad experience.

One bad experience can ruin a person’s interest in retail stores, restaurants, and more. Maybe they had a bad plate of food, they might come back after that if something is done to rectify it and the waiter doesn’t seem put out by the issue. But, if the waiter is rude or disagreeable, you can bet that person won’t be back.

Customer Talks On Social Media

And then they are going to get on social media and leave your business bad reviews. Not only that, but they are going to post about their horrible experience on their own timeline as a status, one they make as “Public” so that everyone in that social media world can see it. They might even tag your business so you’ll readily see their disgust with your business.

Loss Of Various Customers

This post and the word of mouth mentions to the people they interacted with while they were still upset could lose your company various customers. Twice as many people will hear about a bad experience from customers than those that will hear about a good one. Plus, it takes a lot of good customer reviews to make up for one single bad one.

When someone expresses to your business that they had a bad experience, no matter how they let you know, it would be in your best interest to do whatever you can to rectify things. That might mean a public apology, a coupon for something free, or a return of the money they spent. Do want you can to turn their negative experience back into a positive one.

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