Four Adult Events To Attend This Summer

Summer isn’t just for the kids. Plenty of adults do what they can to enjoy their summers. It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, you need to enjoy some summer vacation as well. Ship the kids off to camp, if you’re a parent, and start making some fun plans sans kids this summer.

Some of these events are kid friendly, but you still may want to enjoy them without someone continually calling out “mom, dad … ” If you’re ready to enjoy some food, drinks, and culture, here are the things you might want to do this summer.

Beer Fests

It seems like every city has a beer fest these days. If you like to drink, this is a great type of event to attend. Find out if there is one happening near you (and you don’t even have to wait until Oktoberfest).

If you’re anywhere near Michigan, you may want to head to Beer City, USA. That would be Grand Rapids, a bustling metropolis on the west side of the state. They have beer festivals all the time, of all kinds, and a plethora of breweries open and opening monthly (and expanding as well).

Music Fests

You can drink beer at music festivals as well, and her music at beer festivals. However, nothing beats the amazing experience of camping out for a days long music festival listening to bands you love and some you don’t. There are music festivals all over the world, so what you see and where you go simply depends on how far you want to travel.

If you do plan to camp out at a music festival, and not just go for a day trip, you’re going to need some gear. Also, make sure to stay hydrated. You have alcohol and the elements working against you!

Food Fests

If you like to eat, go to a food festival. There are all kinds of these as well. From chili cook-offs to ribfests, and even taste of the whatever. Some do tastes of a certain cultural cuisine, while others call it the taste of their town or city and feature food from their many restaurants and eateries.

Art Events

Whether you go to a small, local arts and crafts fair or you go to something major, like ArtPrize, art is a great way to experience beauty and culture. Whether you buy art to take home with you or you just enjoy it, spend some time seeing the world through other people’s artistic creations. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

If you have your own artistic skills, maybe you might even want to enter an art show yourself. It can be a fun experience and you may spend your summer getting your face on the news or winning some big bucks for your artistic creation.

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