How Howard Fensterman and Others Built Their Success

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Any way you look at it, Howard Fensterman is a pretty successful guy. He’s a lawyer who has built a reputation for relentless and ethical representation in health care and financial malpractice law. He has also built himself a fortune – one large enough that he has become a well-known philanthropist. And all of this in the New York area, where the competition is elite. None of this has been easy, Fensterman says, but none of it is out of reach for people who are willing to put in the work and make the right decisions.

Fensterman isn’t the only one who has built an impressive career and a secure financial future for himself. Men and women in all different fields and from all different backgrounds have accomplished similar things. How did they do it? Let’s take a look at some of the secrets to personal, professional, and financial success.

Don’t rely on motivation

When you meet successful people, they’re likely to strike you as motivated. They must have been really passionate to put in all of the work that got them to where they are today. But here’s the thing: Nobody is motivated all of the time. If you rely on motivation to keep you moving forward, you’re going to find that you’re running on fumes much of the time.

So don’t rely on motivation. Instead, choose commitment, willpower, and discipline. Motivation might get you in the race, but it won’t get you to the finish line – when you feel like giving up, you’ll need to draw on something deeper. Remember that, and do what you can to improve your willpower.

Connect with the right people

You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s a little cynical, but it has a grain of truth. Even the most talented and dedicated among us will have a hard time succeeding in our chosen line of work if we can’t connect with the people who can help move our careers forward.

With that in mind, you should learn how to network properly. Gain a mentor, help others when you can, and build a professional network with real relationships in mind. Taking a long view of your connections will put you in the best possible position when you could use the help of someone in your network.

Have your money make money

No matter how successful you are in your professional life, you’re not going to become fabulously financially successful on a salary alone. To maximize your wealth, you need to make sure that your money is generating interest.

The interest rates for term deposits, savings accounts, stock and bond investments, and other passive income sources are a powerful way to make your money work for you. Even when you’re not on the clock, you should be making money through investments and interest-generating accounts to your name. Once you have that going for you, compound interest will help you grow your wealth dramatically over time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to become a philanthropist like Howard Fensterman.

Make a plan

Working hard is important, but if you don’t know what you’re working towards, you won’t accomplish much of anything. That’s why it’s so important to make a plan.

You don’t have to know every detail of your future career or financial situation, but you should try to sketch out the major moves you want to make in the coming years. That way, you won’t waste energy and effort working in the wrong direction.

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