How to Adjust Your Brand Alongside Shifting Online Trends

What do you think is worse – latching on to a trend too late, or never latching at all? Both outcomes are not ideal, but fortunately, that is absolutely avoidable with the right outlook and plan in place. If you want to revitalise your brand and bring it into 2019, here is how you can start the process by shifting your actions to align with online trends.

Engage a specialist

Not knowing what the online trends are, or how they can be capitalised, is an issue for brands wanting to cut through the noise. If your business is bricks and mortar, then you may not be plugged into the many trends that transform the online sphere and yield strong engagement and returns who brands in the know. This is where engaging the right digital agency will bring you on the journey, turning your brief (or lack of brief in some cases) into a tangible strategy. You know what your message is and how it serves your market, so allowing an agency to run with that and translate it into digital channels will put you on the map.

Don’t try and be everything to everyone

It can be exhausting keeping up with all the trends that push and pull our attention. Some last a day and others much longer. Getting onboard is great, but don’t try and do it all as you may risk your brand integrity and be burnt out for nothing. The online trend has to bear some resemblance to who you are targeting and what your business ethos is about. Otherwise, you may morph into something your audience no longer recognises or respects. This is where your analytics and personal profiles will help navigate what to implement and what to avoid, so make sure these are up to date and reviewed frequently.

Read the room

It can feel like there are an infinite amount of channels to communicate with your audience, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Retargeted marketing will not be appropriate for sensitive services like a funeral home or divorce lawyers. Just as an aggressive email marketing plan will not work for a product intended for young adults. Making a misstep here could lose you a loyal advocate, or could have far more sinister outcomes like negative reviews or being reported. It’s imperative that you and your digital agency assess each online trend and decide whether it is a brand fit for you.

Listen to your customers

Testimonial marketing is highly effective when swaying future customers, but it can also serve you and your business in feeling out what your market wants. If you’re deciding whether or not to do video tutorials for how to use your products, why not ask them on social? They could be crying out for this, or maybe they just like to see before and after shots instead to inspire their use. You’ll find that once you start inviting them into the conversation, their stake in your business will increase as they will feel heard while also anticipating the changes they suggested. We’ve seen this on social when captions ask questions – the engagement goes through the roof. Figure out the right platform in which to pick the brains of your audience.

Jumping aboard an online trend can be as fun as it is profitable for your business. Although only explore ideas and distribution channels that will add authentic value to your brand profile and market. The easiest, safest way to do this is to enlist an agency who are experienced in adopting online trends and championing them within established brands.

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Melissa Thompson

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