Interesting Marketing Trends in 2019

Small businesses often need to creatively market branding to get the attention of their audience. Whether they are marketing digitally or in person, some companies take their marketing outside the box. 2019 marketing trends are no different and illuminate how companies go the extra mile to gain a marketing advantage.

1. Identifying Evolving Customer Wants

The trend toward personalization in marketing is well established, but identifying customer wants and needs is evolving. The companies that know their customers needs right now will gain a better footing for their brand. While customers want personalization as you engage them, how much personalization do they want? If you can answer that question, you’re already ahead of the game.

2. Finding Creative Marketing Channels

While digital marketing continues to grow, some companies are finding fun and funky ways to gain your attention. Did you know that you can advertise by wearing custom socks? Add your logo to athletic socks or regular knee-high socks to spread the word.

3. Communicating Your Brand Values

As seen recently with famous brands like Nike and Patagonia, displaying your brand’s values will have a big impact on your customer base. Customers are asking brands they buy from questions ranging from political values to whether they use environmentally safe packaging. What values does your brand stand for and how does that effect your marketing strategy?

4. Marketing to an Educated Consumer

Because people are more connected than ever, consumers are up-to-date on trends, news and entertainment. While you can market across many channels to your customers, it pays to acknowledge their awareness of your company, their world and how best to use your products. By including fun and entertaining videos, images and written content as well as making the assumption that your customers are “in-the-know, ” you can have an interactive relationship with consumers that benefits both sides. Finding a brand they trust is important to a high percentage of people. Loyalty can be rewarded in a number of ways to increase your customer base.

5. Mobile Technology is in It’s Infancy

We’ve only seen the beginning of mobile technology which will continue to incorporate new sophistication and developing software. With the introduction of image search, voice search and artificial intelligence, chatbots and interactive product placement are only the baby steps to technology that goes everywhere with you.

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