How to Boost Your YouTube Video Popularity

You’ve been a tireless, determined YouTuber for a while now, yet the number of views, subscribers and likes your videos are garnering is making your heart sulk. All the promotion you are doing isn’t helping either. Somehow, you think you chose the wrong niche.

But you didn’t!

This is just another phase that every YouTube superstar of today goes through. Besides, with more 300 hours of video uploaded on this vibrant video-sharing platform every hour, vis-à-vis the competition, being famous is a struggle. Just keep your head high and your mind open to newer, better and more exciting ways of boosting traffic to your videos.

It takes lots of hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity to be famous on YouTube

In YouTube, fame, success and, rightly so, popularity is measured by how many views and subscribers one has. And in this platform, there are two kinds of personalities: the honchos that rack in millions of views and likes per video, as well as, the average YouTubers who understandably are the majority. None among them is ever contented with the number of views, subscribers, and likes they get!

Still, for a platform that’s now popular among the majority millennial population, there’s nothing that can stop you from being famous as well. Simply put, you need to find a way of beating the competition and walking your way to YouTube stardom.

If you were to study the formula of success that each of the YouTube celebrities – the A-listers, you would discover that they all have a list of tricks they religiously follow.

But these tips somehow don’t work

Every successful YouTuber has been preaching about doing videos around a particular keyword. According to them, an 8-12-minute-long clip on a given topic is sure to shoot to fame on YouTube. They additionally say that a video whose title and description is catchy and well-optimized with the right keywords stands a chance to go viral.

Other things they mostly speak about include skillfully leveraging playlist URLs and urging viewers to leave a ‘Thumbs-up’ and a Comment. Undeniably, all these tips ultimately work and are now part of the free lessons that every YouTuber is welcomed with. The problem with them, though, is these tips no longer work quite as effective as any budding YouTuber who would like to shoot to fame needs!

Nearly everyone now shoots a great video, captions it with a fascinating title and creatively shares it across all the social platforms. But for a video with a handful of views, the walk to fame could be way longer and more draining, not to mention the many years one would need before they start making any meaningful ROIs out of it. And I doubt if any single amateur YouTuber would fancy going down that road.

Would you like to be popular on YouTube without breaking the bank?

Of course, you do!

Well, there’s a little secret that, despite not everyone openly speaking, works like a charm. For many, it is the ultimate game-changer; perhaps the ice-breaker or the missing jig-saw in the puzzle of fame and popularity in YouTube. It is the art of buying quality YouTube views and subscribers.

You could buy more YouTube subscribers hassle-free, without breaking the bank today. See, YouTube ideally allows buying of views, likes, and subscribers, provided they are real, human views. It is the little, tightly-kept secret that everyone is doing and hopes that their competitor never comes to discover it.

Quite frankly, there are countless reasons why nearly everyone today buys YouTube subscribers. Celebrities, especially those who have hundreds of thousands of subs, do it to grow their colossal status and win more organic viewers. Those aspiring to be famous also use it a springboard to popularity without waiting for years.

And as the myths on buying YouTube views debunk, the falsehood that’s mostly peddled around is probably meant to scare away potential superstars. If you would like to shorten your journey to fame on YouTube and boost your YouTube video popularity, you gotta try this well-kept secret!

Before you buy YouTube views, however, here’s what you need to know

Do your homework: take a moment and check out other famous videos

YouTube, with its billions of videos, has a clip on almost anything permissible on its TOS. And regardless of the topic under which your video falls, you can be sure someone has uploaded a clip on the same before.

And so, you should first take time and analyze what their secret to success is, how they look on the video and so forth. With what you will learn, doing great videos will not be as hard as not knowing anything.

  • Shoot a ‘killer video’

It’s a no-brainer; a killer video, no matter the topic, is sure to attract organic clicks, especially after you’ve racked in thousands in real, high-retention YouTube views bought. And so, before you purchase those subscribers for your YouTube video, make sure the actual video is well worth watching.

The audio quality should be top-notch, while the lighting and every other aspect is excellent. The topic too should sound exciting, thrilling and fascinating. Don’t do a short, amateur clip and expect to get thousands of views.

  • Be badass creative!

YouTube viewers have a special liking for unique and creative videos. Their curiosity goes well with anything that’s either unusual or uncommon, but still creative and fascinating. For your video to gain immense popularity, therefore, it just has to be a lot innovative, both in its content and the title and description down below. Give it an awe-inspiring title accompanied by a proper explanation and, of course, with all the appropriate tags and the keywords listed in there.

  • Promote! Promote! Promote!

Even after you’ve bought those genuine YouTube views and subscribers, don’t sit and wait for it to magically go viral. Instead, share it out across every social platform. Let your gang know you’ve posted a dope video and urge them to subscribe for more. Ask them to share it as well!

  • On the channels you subscribe to, leave powerful comments

If you leave a great comment on every video you watch, somehow viewers will be eager to know who you are. And by clicking on your name, they will check out your videos and subscribe. That way, you will have gained more YouTube views and subscribers without breaking a sweat.

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