Why You Need To Write A Will

If we had a choice, we would all want to live and see our children growing and achieving their goals, but death is part of life, and we have to embrace it. It is therefore necessary to plan before then. In as much as tomorrow is not promised, it is vital to write a will and get a lawyer to help you with it. In ancient times, people used to say their wishes on their death beds, and it would be taken seriously. However, today, that cannot be depended upon. People are hungry for power and money, making it hard for them to follow a will that is not well documented and sealed by a lawyer.

Today, you can get free family law advice Toronto when you identify the right lawyer for you. Remember, some lawyers are not trustworthy and may give you misleading information. As such, you want to ensure that you do a thorough background check before trusting any lawyer with your will. If writing a will is not among your top priorities, here’s why you need to re-strategize;

  1. Avoid Family Conflict

Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons why you need to have a will in place. It is quite unfortunate that family members get into conflict on matters pertaining sharing of the assets. Sometimes it gets to a point where your nuclear family is left with nothing, not even a home. It is quite unfortunate that family members that you once trusted can be the worst enemies when it comes to inheritance. To save your family from such ordeals, you need to write your will ASAP.

  1. Helps to make your wishes known

As the name suggests, a will enables you to state your wishes on how and who will inherit your property after you die. You can choose how you will distribute the assets among your family members as well as the person who will execute your wishes. The person you choose to execute your will commands should be someone you trust. This is so because you will be giving them the mandate to distribute your commands as well as deal with any financial requirements that you might have left pending through the will.

  1. It is one way to protect your loved ones

The last thing you want after your death is leaving your family suffering due to the mental torture of being stripped off from whatever they should rightfully inherit. If you are the provider of your family, it is essential to leave your children with something they can hold on to. In cases where you have children who are below 18 years, you can state in the will who should take care of them when you die.

  1. It is not a complicated process

Perhaps it is time to ditch the thought that writing a will is a complicated process. If anything, it is very easy so long as you know your assets and who you wish to leave them with. You need a good lawyer who will guide you through drafting the will according to the assets you own. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the free family law advice Toronto that enables you to have a deeper understanding of family law. Also, it is necessary to have one or two close family members with you as witnesses when you are signing the will.

Writing a will does not have to cost much. Inquire from your lawyer of the various costs and come up with a proper budget for the same to facilitate the process.

  1. You have the freedom to make changes

One of the main benefits of a will is that you can make changes at any given time. Circumstances change, which might force you to make a few changes on the will. Perhaps you have succeeded in acquiring more assets; you can always add that in the will. You also have the freedom to remove whatever you want from the will; the choice entirely lies with you.


You do not want your assets to be distributed according to the laws of intestacy, which might end up leaving your spouse and children suffering. Quit procrastinating and start drafting one before it is too late.

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