How to Sell Stock Shares: 5 Ways to Make Money Off Your Company

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There are millions of companies selling stock shares all over the world.

When you add the total dollar value of all of that up, you have what is called the “market cap” of the world. In 2017, the market cap hit a record when it was “heading towards $100 trillion dollars.”

So if you’ve been thinking of learning how to sell stock shares in your company, you aren’t alone. Find out the five ways to make money off of your company, right here.

Learning How to Sell Stock Shares Takes Time

Before you begin to put your biggest asset, your business, on the market, you want to learn the basics of selling stock shares. You want a piece of that trillion-dollar pie.

You don’t want to get it overnight. Theoretically.

It takes time.

Whether you are launching an entire exit plan, or just want a few investors, the process takes time.

Check out these ways to learn stock marketing trading as your first step. And trust the process.

This learning period is an investment into your business as much as any other time resource you consume.

Be patient and thorough in your research and understand market basics before you consider. Have a plan with a concrete action map for your identified goals.

How much of that pie do you want? Have a number.

How are you going to do it? Have a plan and multiple contingency plans. The easiest way to do well on the market is through research and patience.

Accept this before you begin. Check out to get an idea for the process in real time.

1. Sell Your Entire Business

There are two outcomes when you sell stock shares in your company. You sell the business entirely to public shareholders, or you sell part of it, keeping the majority plus one share for yourself.

This is not the most common form of selling stock shares in your company and is better-suited for large businesses. But, it certainly is one way to inject a cash infusion into your own finances if that is what you are looking for at the short-term.

2. Going Public With Partial Sell

Going public is the most common form of selling stock shares of a company, but is not the most practical solution for new businesses. In this method, you only sell a certain number of shares to the world.

But along with trading on the global market, and tapping into a global market, come steep prices that include legal issues and more regulations. All of these extras are expensive to companies entering this market.

But the risk often pays off and is a good option for a business owner looking for some capital quickly.

3. Large Private Investors

Another way to sell stock shares in your company is to find private investors. You don’t have to be on a public exchange to sell shares of your company.

It is also much less expensive to sell to private investors.

You also will have fewer stakeholders or shareholders to answer to when it comes to being transparent about your business growth.

4. Small Private Investors

Using a small circle of private investors is a favored way to gain financing for your venture as well. In this method, you usually personally know many of the investors and have a pre-existing or built-in relationship with them.

It’s easy to sell an idea you have faith in to a small group of investors such as this and is a very common way of selling private shares of your company.

5. Sell to Employees

Many big businesses today such as Wal-Mart use a system wherein each employee has shares in the company. The funds come right off the paycheck and provide a win-win for both the business and their employees.

This gives employees a sense of having a stake in the business, and they are thus incentivized to work harder for a business they have this stake in. At the same time, not only do employees have a stake in the business, but they are more subconsciously committed to helping ensure the company does well.

Happy employees make happy bosses. You may want to consult with a legal professional on what it would take for you to sell stock shares of your company in this way.

Expand Your Bottom Line

In 2017, the world share of stocks rose every month all year long, twelve months in a row, for the first time in history. There is money to be made in the stock market.

Business is doing well in America, and you deserve to have a piece of that pie. If it is time to take your business to the next level, learning how to sell stock shares is time well spent.

Learn stockbroking for beginners and start looking into how to begin expanding your own bottom line today.

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