Paul Mampilly Investing Career

Investing is a proven way to build wealth. Few people invest enough each month to reach their financial goals. Working with a financial planner is one of the best ways for people to get organized and focused.

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor and former hedge fund manager. He still works in the industry, but he no longer works for a hedge fund. He prefers working directly with clients who need investing advice. Not only does he follow the stock market, but he publishes a newsletter with his latest picks.

With decades of experience as an investment manager, Paul is an excellent person to learn from. He enjoys teaching customers the basics of investing.

College and Early Career

When Paul left his hometown to attend college, he did not have a clear direction for his life. He spent his first year wondering what he would do for a career. He learned about the growing field of financial planning from one of his professors. After taking a few classes, he decided to focus on that career path.

He worked several internships while he was in school to gain valuable experience. He learned a lot about interacting with clients and researching stocks. After graduating, he took a position as a financial analyst. He was in charge of investigating investment options for clients. He was promoted several times, and he eventually received an opportunity to work at a hedge fund.

Hedge Fund and Health Changes

When Paul started working at a hedge fund, he was overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities. Working at a hedge fund is harder than most people realize. The demands from clients are constant, and the hours are long each day.

Paul Mampilly had to make some changes to his career to survive. He stopped working so much and focused more on his health. He adjusted his diet and started to exercise continuously. In a few years, he felt much better about the overall direction of his life. Not only was he developing an excellent career, but he also felt vibrant and energized.

Leaving Wall Street

While working at a hedge fund, Paul won multiple awards for his work with clients. He is proud of all his accomplishments while working on Wall Street. Paul decided to leave the industry to manage his own business. He wanted to work directly with clients who struggled with financial planning. While working on Wall Street, he was mostly working with people who were already wealthy.


Paul is learning a lot about blockchain technology options for investors. He is a firm believer in the new blockchain technology. He strongly believers that cryptocurrency is an excellent investment for young people who are willing to take on additional financial risks.

In his newsletter, he outlines various ways to invest in this emerging technology. Anyone who wants to improve their investment returns should consider working with Paul Mampilly in the coming years. Although he has enjoyed a distinguished career, he is the type of person who wants to continue working for decades to come.

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