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This is the age of marketing! If you want to get the check then you have to get the latest insights on how to market your events. They may be epic, but no one will know it, if you do not promote your events. This article is for the newbies in the event planning field. How many times have you tried to find what strategies the pros from the field are using and they simply ignored you. Well, we have found their secrets for you, and we added some new strategies even the pros have not heard about.

But marketing an event planning business is not easy. New businesses are launched every day, and every one of them has their own strategy to attract clients. When you are the person who organises the event, you do not usually attend it, because you have to make sure that everything runs smoothly. And this is one of the greatest issues you will have to face, because the participants do not know who you are, especially if you are at the beginning of your career.

Referrals and networking

In order you to become a successful event planner you have to be a social animal by nature, because if you have difficulties in establishing connections with people, then you should choose another career. You will soon find out that the best way to have participants at your events is to create a network.

Nurturing connections with persons who work in the event planning industry can influence your business in a critical way. It is a simple strategy, if one of your connections runs a hotel, then you can refer to them when the participants at an event are from another city. Also, the hotel can recommend them to attend your event if their guests are in town and searching for something similar to what you offer. You can promote their services in exchange for leads, it is a strategy commonly used in the event planning industry. At the beginning you may offer a volunteer to organise some free-of-charge events for some companies, all you should ask in exchange are referrals.

Live exposure

Even pro event planners have difficulties in finding new clients. In the majority of cases when a client has worked with an event planning company and they are satisfied with the quality of the services they received, they will remain loyal clients. This has both advantages and disadvantages, because your loyal clients will continue to work with you, but you will have difficulties to attract the customers who work with other event planners. At the end of the day, stealing clients from your competitors is something real, you have to survive and get income. You have to be an egoist.

Live exposure is one of the best strategies you can use to reach new clients and present them the benefits they will have if they work with you. You should participate in public events related to your industry and have media appearances. It is not very difficult to land a spot on a TV or radio show, you pay for it. Investing in your business is the best way to get revenue. You have a unique angle on how events should be planned, you have great information you can offer your clients, so go public, let them know that you are on the market and you wait for them to book your services.

Your aim is to become an expert in the field, and to have a regular spot in TV and radio shows. It will come a time when the producers will pay you to participate in their shows.

Trade shows presence

Did you think that trade shows days are long gone? Many people have the misconception that no one attends tradeshows, but they are still a big thing in all industries. Specialists from a particular area will attend a trade show to find what is new on the market, what options they have when they want to choose a service provider and what competitors are in the industry. As an event planner, you should attend trades where your clients can come, because the best way to market yourself is to interact with your prospective clients. Make sure that you can show them snippets of how you organise an event. Show them samples of tickets and wristbands used for successful events you planned in the past. Show them your portfolio and promotional vid4eos from the events you have organised.

Trade shows require preparation, so make sure that you attend to one only if you have samples, portfolio and promotional videos available to show to your prospective clients.

Social media is the king of marketing

The most powerful way to promote your event planning business is to use social media. It does not actually matter if you are planning weddings, small parties, corporate parties or other types of events, social media will promote your business to the right people.

After you know for sure that one of your events was successful, and your clients are satisfied, you can share on Facebook photos and videos from the event. Tag the participants in pictures and connect with them. They will offer comments and reviews, the best referrals you can get. Facebook posts increase your exposure and reach new audiences.

Use Instagram to create a hashtag for your events. Use your Instagram profile to share pictures from your events and to create new events. Every new event should have its own hashtag. Always take pictures of the events you have successfully finalised. Use your Instagram account to offer giveaways, in this way, you increase engagement and you get more followers.

Use a Pinterest strategy for marketing to share with people tutorials on how to plan a perfect event. Publish guide and recaps from events. Every blog you post on Pinterest should include from three to five photos personalised according to the event you plan. Make sure that the images you post on Pinterest have the right size, because users want to pin high-quality pictures on their boards.

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