Why Quality Mailing Boxes are Paramount for Repeat Business

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Product failure is at 95% for new products. Brand trust plays a major role in new product failure, with many consumers reluctant to try new products because they want confidence in their purchasing decision. Weighing the pros and cons of a new product is difficult when packing is taking center stage.

Packaging failure is a major issue: Tropicana is proof of this.

The company, which is known for being a top orange juice producer, spent $35 million on advertising their new packaging. The new packaging launched, and then the backlash started. The packaging was plastered on social media, and consumers didn’t like it.

The company’s sales were $700 million per year before the redesign, and within two months, sales fell 20% because consumers didn’t like the packaging.

Tropicana lost $30 million in sales in the first two months of the new redesign’s release. The estimates have the company losing over $50 million dollars. Executives decided that the move to new packaging wasn’t in the company’s favor, so less than two months after the launch of the new packaging, the company announced that they would revert back to their old packaging.

The process took months to complete, but the company did away with their old look and went back to the packaging that worked best for the company.

Tiffany & Co’s organic blue box is one of the world’s most famous jewelry boxes. The packaging screams quality and has gained the trust of consumers for decades.

Online retail has also caused a shift to mailing boxes, which are equally as important as product packaging in the digital age. Consumers expect their products to arrive at their doorsteps or be unpacked without their product being damaged in the process.

Subpar mailing boxes can lead to product failure.

Mailing boxes that can be peeled open and withstand the weight of a human standing on them without breaking are going to be a better option than boxes that are taped together. Taped boxes can open during transport and even lead to broken products.

The unboxing experience has also proven to be just as important. Pad & Quill is a company that knows the importance of unboxing. The company wraps its products in brown paper, offers a hand-wrapped feel and even writes friendly messages to their customers on the inside of the brown paper.

It’s an experience that you won’t get from large retail stores.

Shopify even has an entire guide on the unboxing experience. The company’s blog recommends that stores use the unboxing experience as a way to experience a company’s brand. What does Shopify recommend? The company recommends an experience that is memorable and shareable.

That’s right: people are sharing their unboxing experience on social media.

Shipped packages are a touch point with the customer and allow for a marketing experience that is often overlooked. Quality mailing boxes, the right packaging and a little touch of personality can make or break a company’s product launch.

Mailing boxes are paramount for repeat business. Customers that know their products will arrive in tact and enjoy the unpackaging experience are more likely to order from your company again.

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