Sections Of Your Business Website You Cannot Afford To Miss

Designing a business website is like planning the layout of a new store location. You have to figure out what you need and how you can make the experience the most comfortable and inviting for visitors.

Though there is no exact science for designing the perfect website, there are a few proven success factors you may want to integrate into the design of your own business website. Take a second to read over this short summary, highlighting a few of the most influential sections of a business website, and see what you may be missing.

Business Blog

The “Blog” section of your website is an excellent outlet for sharing industry-specific information with the masses and linking your web presence to social media. At the beginning or end of every blog post, you should make an instant social media share button available for all of the major social media platforms.

Check out how this website integrated social media in their blog post. Your blog is not the only place visitors should run into social media share buttons. Use these handle little buttons all over your site, so visitors can share their enjoyment with others on a whim.

Contact Us

Any good business professional understands the value of communication. Communication is vital in life and in business equally. You have to be able to reach people and then continue communing with them in some form or fashion.

Communication is about building a relationship/rapport with your company’s target population. Your business website has to have a contact page that provides multiple mediums for communication.

Products & Services

If you are building a business website, it makes sense that you would need a designated place to conduct said business. Your “Products & Services” page is the place for visitors to browse through what your organization has to offer, and make a purchase if they so choose.

It is important to make sure that you have a reliable piece of software to manage all of your website’s business transactions. People will not return to do business again if the experience is unsatisfactory.

About Us

Design an “About Us” page on your website, so visitors can get to know your organization more thoroughly. Share a few customer testimonials, and some brief bios, featuring some of the most influential professionals in your organization.

You may also want to share a short mission statement and some pictures and videos of your professionals doing what they do best. People enjoy visual engagement, and mixing up your mediums is a good way to retain engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on your business website, and give your customer service reps a break from answering the same questions over and over again. When you see that a certain question keeps arising from visitors, add it to the “FAQ” page.

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