Aunt and her Niece are Killed by the Niece’s Boyfriend

Chula Vista, CA — Early Friday morning at around 3:07am, the police received a call from a man stating that he had just killed two women at the Apricot Court townhome the three shared. The victims were Aura Macilla, 39, and her aunt Patricia Garcia, 58. Police have reason to believe that Macilla’s boyfriend, David Bell, 38, killed the two women, called the police, then later committed suicide.

Throughout the past few years, the police received three complaints about domestic violence at the home. The calls came in last May, November, and November 2016. Mancilla was arrested in one of the incidents, but she was not charged with a crime. There were no arrests during the other incidents.

Mancilla’s aunt was an innocent bystander in this massacre. Patricia Garcia, who had worked for the past 12 years as a domestic violence counselor at South Bay Community Services (SBCS), was staying with her niece because she had just retired and was hoping to join her husband in Mexico. Her former co-worker, Pat Wright, stated “She had the ability to empathise and to really understand how complex relationships, families, just the stress of our lives and what we go through.”

Fortunately, Mancilla’s third-grade daughter was staying with her father when the murder was committed.

When police arrived at the scene, the garage door was open. They entered the house to find the bodies in two different bedrooms. After they cleared the house, the police declared Bell as a suspect, made his description public along with the car he was driving.

The police found Bell’s white Mazda 6 in a parking just before 9am. It was here they found David Bell, dead. He cause of his death was suicide. One of the reporting officers said that it appeared he had shot himself.

According to neighbors of the couple, Bell and Mancilla seemed like a happy couple. They were always willing to lend a hand when help was needed and seemed to be happy with each other. One neighbor reported that Bell had been home from his school in Oklahoma the entire week and seemed completely normal. They were left in shock after hearing the news.

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