Simple Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing remains one of the most used digital marketing instruments on the market for all the right reasons. Email marketing is not only effective for generating awareness and increasing exposure, but it is also very effective in producing high conversion rates and returns on investment, or ROI. With the right campaign, email marketing is also a great way to interact with potential customers throughout their decision-making process.

Similar to other marketing tools, however, knowing your target recipients is important. The more you know your recipients, the more you can optimize your campaigns to better suit the intended audience. Optimizing the email marketing campaigns themselves is relatively easy with the tips and tricks we are about to discuss in this article.

Play with Your Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing recipients will see when receiving a newsletter or a marketing email from you. In order to stop recipients and get them interested in opening the email, you need a strong subject line that generates interest and curiosity.

The subject line doesn’t just need to be interesting and appealing to the recipients, but also short and easy to screen. Remember that your email will land with a lot of other emails from various sources, so it is important that you let recipients know what you are trying to convey early.

The way to optimize the subject line is by appealing to the recipients directly. You want the subject line to be about something that the recipients relate to, such as a solution to their problems or answers to relevant concerns.

Play with the copywriting too; you can do split testing to know the kind of subject lines that work with your audience. Keep in mind that optimizing your subject line becomes easier the more you know about your recipients.

State Who You Are

One element that many email marketers often neglect is the sender’s name. Leaving the sender’s name empty – which means the email client will simply display the sender’s email address – is certainly not something you want to do in a market as competitive as it is today.

Remember that you are competing with hundreds of other emails, and you need yours to stand out. The best way to stand out is by adding a sender’s name that recipients will recognize immediately. At the same time, you want a sender’s name to be personalized for the audience.

The growing trend among businesses and brands is using a person’s name followed by “from [company or brand name]” as a way to personalize the sender’s name; for example, you can use “Rachel from YourCompany” as the sender’s name of your newsletter.

This combination provides the best balance between a sender’s name that is recognizable as being from your business and a personalized sender that recipients can relate to. One last thing to add is a signature that repeats that sender’s name to further personalize the marketing emails.

Tailor Content to the Audience’s Preference

Email marketing is highly effective, but the email marketing landscape is also very competitive. You are trying to connect with recipients who are not only picky about the emails they read but also very sensitive to content that isn’t relevant to their needs and concerns.

This is where using good email marketing software to tailor content in a more contextual way can be useful. The right email marketing software can help you achieve more than just sending the same content to all recipients. In fact, you can pull insights from other sources (i.e. the CRM solution you use) and create a fully personalized email marketing campaign for your audience.

The more you know the audience, the more you can fine-tune every part of the newsletter to display relevant information. Instead of offering promotions on gadgets and toys to all users, for example, you can tailor the content of your newsletter based on what the recipients actually love.

The approach isn’t something you want to do manually – not at scale. Rather than limiting yourself to grouping recipients manually and then creating different content for different groups, what you need to do is rely on the best email marketing software such as SendinBlue and use the automation features to your advantage.

Mind the Design

The last thing to optimize is visuals. This too is an aspect of email marketing that many business owners and marketers frequently neglect. In reality, the design of your emails and how your content is delivered to the recipients is just as important as the content itself.

You’ll be surprised by how design tweaks can change your email’s hotspots and user engagement completely. Using methods like A/B testing, you can also gain more of an insight into the kind of visuals that generate the best engagement.

Optimize these elements of your newsletter and you will end up with an impactful email marketing campaign before long. There is no better time to start with these simple optimizations than today.

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