Must-Have Tools and Services for Seamless Small Business Operations

Want to streamline your business processes? There are several tools and online services available that help you create seamless business processes, which in the long run, save you both time and money. Check out some of our favorite options in several business-related categories.

Email Organization

Evernote is a great tool for productivity. It also comes with an email organizer that’s compatible with Gmail. This is a fantastic solution for sorting and organizing your emails, as well as for syncing and sharing emails with multiple users and across multiple devices.


SpyFu is a tool for comparing keywords and the SEM tactics used by your competitors so that you’ll be able to have equal success when it comes to your online SEO and advertising campaigns.

Then there’s HubSpot. This is an all-in-one inbound marketing software that facilitates marketing automation, lead nurturing, blogging tips, SEO, and more. These tools are a must for marketing – something that every company needs.

Accounting and Finance

There are several good software options available for small businesses. If you need online expense services, time tracking, and invoicing, FreshBooks is a program that’s simple to navigate, even for novices.

If you need to quickly manage your business receipts and payroll at a price that can’t be beat, you might try Wave Accounting.

Expensify is yet another option. With Expensify, you’ll be able to get a handle all of your invoices and business expenses quickly, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on the core operations of your business.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support is critical to the success of your business. Fortunately, there are software solutions available to help you improve your overall customer experience. Zendesk allows you to streamline the customer service interface as well as your response time while it also supports support boards.

GetSatisfaction is a spectacular platform for a customer community that allows for business owners to interact with their customers. It provides technical support and allows you to get feedback.

For those who feel the need to conduct surveys, there is SurveyMonkey. This allows for the conducting of market research while keeping up with customer satisfaction and desires.

Human Resources

You might be able to handle human resources in house, but it’s a lot harder to do it all on your own. With ZipRecruiter, you’ll have the ability to locate better talent by using a point-based score chart, resume screening, and cross job board posting so that you only get candidates who are the cream of the crop.

Intelius allows you to run background checks on any prospective employees so that you can browse any criminal records and/or other info to ensure that you’re only hiring the best candidates.

AnyPerk is for a different aspect of human resources. This one allows you to reward your employees by using one of the most comprehensive programs for perks that there is. It also provides discounts for an untold number of services.


All businesses will need legal help from time to time. With the LegalZoom Business Attorney Plan, you get a service that’s tailored specifically for small businesses. It provides attorney reviews of legal documents and contracts for only a fraction of the price of having an attorney on retainer.

DocuSign is a service for e-signatures. It allows for you and whomever the other party may be to legally sign documents electronically. It’s both secure and legal.

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