What are the Limitations of Kitchen or Home Appliance Insurance? Your Top Questions Answered

Kitchen and home appliances are vital in today’s world – how, after all, could we function properly every single day without our cookers, our refrigerators, our washing machines and dryers, our dishwashers, and so forth? All these appliances play a big role and add significantly to the convenience of our daily lives, and most of us consider these appliances an investment. They can cost quite a lot, and because of this, we’d want to make sure that these investments can serve us and function well for a long time.

But if you would like your investments to be more than worthwhile, it also pays to take certain steps to ensure their longevity – and be able to deal with repairs or replacement if the time comes. One way for you to do so would be to go for home or kitchen appliance insurance. Whilst you may already know that kitchen or home appliance insurance can help take care of the necessary in case your appliances break down, there are some limitations to it as well. Here are some immensely useful facts you need to know about the limitations of kitchen or home appliance insurance: your top questions answered.

The Appliance Insurance Coverage

The appliances covered by your home or kitchen appliance insurance will depend on the provider, of course, as some cover more than others, but in general, you can expect appliances such as refrigerators, boilers and water heaters, cookers, ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines and dryers to fall under a typical policy. If you need a particular appliance checked, the provider will send someone to check it for you and repair or replace it when necessary. And whilst some providers will offer unlimited callouts for appliance cover, some will set limits. There may also be limits regarding the amount of claim you can get for your appliances; it’s important to know the specific limit amount so you will know what to expect in case anything breaks down and needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Specifics

Home or kitchen appliance insurance does not cover specific pre-existing conditions as well. In other words, if your appliances already have issues, they may not fall under coverage. The provider will usually send someone to your home to check and inspect your broken down appliance and see if it needs repair or replacement. Also, if your appliances are more than ten years old, they may not fall under the policy as well.

You should also know that kitchen or home appliance insurance may not provide coverage to appliances which have not been installed correctly or which have not been adequately maintained. Of course, appliance insurance will not cover appliances which have been deliberately or consciously damaged or destroyed. Home or kitchen appliance insurance will provide coverage for accidental damage to appliances, and it will also provide coverage for mechanical breakdowns. Your insurance policy can also cover damage from liquid or water.

If the insurance provider does an inspection of the appliance and finds that it needs to be replaced, then they can help you replace it with something similar or like-for-like.

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