Subtle Yet Effective Ways of Advertising Your Business

Have you ever seen those television advertisements in which a local company screams at viewers about how great their prices are? You probably have, and you probably hate them. Such ways of advertising can actually lead to poor sales, as customers nowadays appreciate more creative and less explicit marketing tactics. Here are ways to advertise your business that are much more subtle yet far more effective.

Targeted emails

No one likes to receive unsolicited advertising emails, but emails that address something consumers are interested in can be highly effective. Targeted emails should offer information or a service prior to asking for a purchase. For example, by addressing issues and concerns related to your area of business, you will build trust and be closer to a conversion.

If you sell shoes, for example, sending potential customers a targeted email with helpful information about running techniques, minimalist shoe concerns, or something else related to your business can be a great way of putting your brand in people’s minds without being annoying.

Incidental advertising

Instead of throwing your brand into people’s faces, you can put your brand in their minds with minimal effort. One of the best ways to do this is by giving people something they can really use that has your name front and center.

It’s easy to get cheap pens, tote bags, automotive supplies, cups, flashlights, and many other items that people find really useful. Put your name, address, slogan, or other important information on these items, and you guarantee that people are seeing your brand every time they use them.

Create urgent sales

The key here is to do it right. Research shows that people don’t like to feel left out and will feel pressure to buy if they believe a sale is short or an item will only be available for a little while. But if you sell this too hard, you’ll turn people away rather than attract them.

Don’t make your sales too general. Target them to customers who like your products or are in the demographic for your services. Promote the sale politely and without yelling or resorting to inflammatory tactics. People will be more inclined to give you a hearing that way.

Partner with other businesses

You don’t want to partner with competitors, but you could partner with complementary businesses. If you own a bakery, for instance, you could sell your baked goods at a local coffee shop or hotel. If you own a pizza place, you could offer discounts to people attending local events or staying in local motels.

Make sure you’re prepared to reciprocate with the other business in a way that is actually helpful to them. Link to one another’s websites and Facebook pages, have business cards at one another’s checkouts, and always be sure to throw business their way when you can.

Use free advertising

You might wonder if there really is any free advertising, and there is! If you have a company car, for example, it should have your company logo on it. Everywhere it goes, people are reading your name.

You can also get some free advertising by providing above-and-beyond services to social media influencers. These don’t have to be people with millions of followers, but they can be people with thousands of followers. If you give these individuals an excellent customer experience, they are going to talk about it to their followers.

Reward people for sharing

You need a way to get your name out there, and social media is the way to make that happen. Your digital marketing team is probably already working with your own web page and social media account, but you can also get a lot of publicity by offering something to those who share your page, posts, or tweets.

You might offer your customers a small discount or cash back with purchase for a social media share. This is great advertising and encourages strong customer loyalty from satisfied buyers.

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