The Benefits of a Creative Writing Degree

Not every writer gets a creative writing degree. In fact, some people love to hate the MFA and discredit pursuing a creative writing degree altogether.

With that said, you’ll find many benefits of going down this literary path, with the six below only the beginning.

Meet like-minded people

While you can’t trust everything a productivity guru preaches (because you and this person aren’t in the same situations and everyone is different), it’s important to meet and surround yourself with like-minded people.

After all, these people might be going through the same things as you are, such as pursuing a creative writing degree. Like-minded people will understand the writing struggles, including writer’s block and dealing with rejection. Plus, you can bounce creative ideas off of other writers.

While you can meet writers all over the world, meeting them through a writing program sets you up to be around others who are just as serious as you because, like you, they’re enrolled in a writing program.

It forces you to write

Many people say they want to write a book, but they never start. In creative writing classes, you will, of course, be forced to write for your assignments. In fact, writing, reading, and workshopping tend to be the main ingredients of a creative writing program. Therefore, you either write or you don’t pass your classes.

Sometimes all an aspiring writer needs is a little push, and a creative writing degree can be that push for you.

Form good writer habits

Let’s say you pursue an MFA in creative writing degree. This type of degree is heavy in writing and reading, which are essential when it comes to being a writer.

During this program, which could last two years, you will create good writing habits as a result of reading, writing, and working on assignments with deadlines. While building a habit can take different amounts of time for different people, two years of doing the same thing over and over again (in this case, writing and reading) will surely help you build good writing habits.

You learn to take criticism

Whether it’s through reviews or rejection letters from editors, writers are known for encountering criticism, and a creative writing degree can help prepare writers for that world because typical creative writing classes have workshops.

In a typical setting, writing workshops will feature students giving feedback on a piece of writing from another student that the class read beforehand. The students will critique on form, what’s working and not working, what they liked about the piece, and other points relative to the class.

This prepares writers for criticism outside the classroom because they’re practicing it during their studies.

Better job prospects, even while you’re working

On top of increasing your vocabulary and making you a better writer, a creative writing degree can open up doors to journalism, marketing, advertising, copywriting, content writing, editing, and SEO writing jobs.

While a book deal isn’t guaranteed with a creative writing degree, this type of degree will prepare you for many jobs, such as the ones mentioned above and any job related to writing, proofreading, or editing.

Also, online creative writing degrees make it possible for professionals to work full time while going to school. An online liberal arts associates degree can lead to your becoming a better writer from the comfort of your own home while your current full-time job helps to pay for it. Thanks to online programs, it’s possible to be a professional and student at the same time.

You can become a college professor

With an MFA degree, which is a terminal degree (the highest degree in a given field), you have the ability of teaching at the highest level. That alone is reason enough to pursue a creative writing degree if your passion is teaching higher education.

A creative writing degree has many benefits, from opening doors to new professions to becoming a better writer.

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