Voila! How To Turn a New Invention Idea into a Product

So, you have that brilliant idea? Well, are you ready to transform it into a tangible product? Something you can show all your friends and family and say, “I invented this!”?

If you’re looking to learn the steps of making a new invention, this read is for you!

Creating A New Invention

It all starts with the idea, and after that the research to make sure someone else hasn’t already created it.

After that, things can get a little tricky, but we’re confident you’ll be able to handle it.


Writing everything down can’t hurt you.

It’s a way of protecting your trail and showing that what you’re creating is YOUR creation.

Documenting everything is also helpful (and sometimes necessary) in getting your idea patented.

Getting your idea patented is a must if you’re going to move forward in the creation process. If you skip patenting, then technically anyone could come along and steal your idea away from you.

Or…worse…if you create something and try to market it, but someone else owns the patent, you could get sued.

So, keep a notebook — or ten!

Market Research

You may think your idea is perfect for everyone, but pausing to discover your TRUE market is worth more.

Trying to broad-scope something means you miss out on niche-groups, and niche-groups are where products gain the most traction, especially in digital marketing.

Find out who exactly you can market your product to, and then add unique elements for them SPECIFICALLY.

This will make it easier to advertise to that group of people, rather than rolling the dice and hoping someone just happens to see it.

Time To Prototype

This is when things start to get really fun.

The first conceptual designs of your product come to life as something you can hold and work with.

From this, you’ll start to see areas where your product could be better. Make those improvements before you try to pitch this thing to a major company.

And use good materials on the final design.

Depending on the size of your invention, make sure you have the right transportation for it. Making sure you have the right heavy duty caster and proper tables are a must when it comes to presenting to a board.

Updating and Final Steps

Throughout this process, make sure your patent is up to date.

Changes to your product can negate your previous paperwork, so don’t give up the paper trail.

As you wrap the final phases up you’ll be ready to officially sell and market your invention.

In this process, we also recommend keeping the paper trail though!

Try not to sell the rights to an invention. You want to hold those so you can sell it elsewhere.

Speaking of, try not to sign an exclusivity deal. Unless of course, you get a great deal from one store and one alone.

Remember, research is important!

More Inventing

We hope this guide on making a new invention has given you some clarity. For more articles head over to our business blog where we post tons of content.

If you don’t see something there or want more on any topic you read about, feel free to reach out and contact us at [email protected]! We’re here to help you!

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