Will Personalization Change the Marketing Landscape?

In the world of digital marketing there always seems to be new trends popping up, and because it relies so heavily on technology, it’s also an ever-changing field. With that said, a number of experts are looking at what the next “big” thing will be, and some are putting a lot of emphasis on just how much of an impact ad personalization will have on the industry as a whole.

It doesn’t seem to be just industry professionals either. In fact, consumers are also expecting personalized marketing to be a very big thing as we look into the future.

Interesting Stats Being Released

Thanks to a recent survey conducted by Mumsnet, it was determined that 46% of parents think that personalization will be a very big trend and factor in the future of advertising. What makes this statistic even more interesting is the seemingly contradictory information that was also provided in the survey. Even though these parents see it as becoming important, only 26% of them like the idea of personalized ads, and 58% went on to respond that their data is private.

Clearly, there is a bit of push and pull happening here. As for whether or not they’d even be open to what is being shown in these personalized ads, interestingly, 24% of parents said the ads would, in fact, make them more likely to purchase the item since it would fit their own personal behavior.

Can Marketers Break Through the Barrier?

For many companies, the big problem they have with their ads is getting them heard, seen, and digested by consumers. All too often, consumers are becoming “numb” to them and not really absorbing any of the information given. The idea of brand recognition is falling to the side because consumers just aren’t giving these ads the kind of attention they used to get.

So how can marketers and advertisers break through the muddle and get their content noticed? This is exactly where personalized advertising comes into play. Companies such as marketing agency Single Grain are using technology and digital channels to their full advantage in order to create personalized targeted ads.

Single Grain Digital Marketing excels at offering video, mobile, content, and Facebook advertising that is goal-centric and takes personalization into account. They are, of course, just one of many companies embracing the trend.

Technology has really made it possible to feature advanced targeting methods that are able to provide consumers with content that actually captures their attention. Relevant ads are now a big part of marketing plans, as they tend to offer a much better ROI. Advertisers can base the content on a person’s geolocation, needs, wants, buying intent, niche interests, and more.

Always Looking Towards the Future

The marketing and advertising industry are always looking ahead to the future to find ways to do their job more effectively, connect with consumers faster and more efficiently, and make sure their message is being heard. Personalized advertising definitely seems to be ticking off all the boxes.

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