Protecting The Things You Carry With You Most Often

When you think of the things you need to “insure” in your life, the things you need to protect, your family is probably number one, followed by health, home, and automobile. If you have pets they might be on the list, and maybe you have some family heirlooms or some money squirreled away somewhere that you do your best to keep safe as well. But do you think of your wallet or your purse as much?

Once in awhile, you might think maybe you left your phone sitting somewhere and furiously rummage through your purse to ensure it’s there. And, maybe you lock your phone only because you have children and you don’t want them using up all of your internet time. But, you may not realize that every time you step out of the house the things you carry with you are at risk of theft or loss.

Put Things In The Same Place Every Time

One way to avoid losing or misplacing things when you carry them on you is always putting them in the same place. Whether you have a specific pocket for your keys, a specific place in your purse for your smartphone, or a special place in your wallet for specific credit cards, always be meticulous and put things in those correct spaces. The horror you feel when your car keys aren’t where you normally put them can be avoided by doing this.

Don’t Carry Cash

While there are still places out there that take cash only, you should carry it as little as possible. Not only is it a pickpocket’s dream, but you can easily drop (and not notice it) bills when rummaging through that money stuffed in your pockets. If you are carrying cash, don’t keep it all in one place.

Make sure that you also know all the credit cards you carry with you and have that info saved somewhere away from the cards. This will make it easier to contact your credit card companies to report cards lost or stolen if they ever go missing.

Get Extra Protection

If you carry a purse with you, get one that slings across your shoulders to make it more difficult for someone to just grab it off your shoulder and run. You also want to invest in a RFID wallet, whether it’s for your pocket or purse. There are scanners that can read your credit card info through a purse or wallet, and these can help keep that from happening.

When it comes to phones or tablets that you carry with you, make sure you use a password for your lock screen. If someone does steal your phone they’ll find it useless since they can’t get into it to use it.

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