Tips For Posting Advertisements on Instagram

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Advertisements are a principal element in an effective marketing strategy. They help companies boost their revenues. Many businesses maximize the utilization of advertisements by posting them on social media sites.

Quite unnoticed, Instagram seems to be a social media site that most users do not expect to have advertisements. On the advertisers’ side, they often think twice before actually posting an ad since Instagram appears quite exclusive.

Nonetheless, Instagram’s ads are evident on anyone’s homepage. To optimize your advertisements on Instagram, you should try the following tips:

Develop a strategy

Before anything else, be sure to have a vivid marketing strategy. Identify the product or service you would want to promote. Also, you can use Instagram marketing services such as Vibbi that can assist you in various ways. Services like these can help you get a good number of likes and followers for every post.

Use Interesting Hashtags

On your Instagram posts, you can create your own hashtags or use trending ones. Either way, this makes your brand easy to search by many users around the world. Clicking on your hashtag will direct them to a page of photos relating to your brand.

Post High Quality Photos

Definitely attention-grabbing, a good quality photo has striking effects to most users. It also reflects the quality and credibility of the company. When using a variety of colors, make sure the shades you use provoke a lasting effect on viewers. Moreover, it is helpful that you use trendy filters for that familiarity effect.

Partner With Popular Personalities

If you have the connection and resources, you can partner with famous personalities on a photo shoot for your advertisements. This will definitely encourage users, especially fans, to follow your page.

Think Outside the Box

Aside from posting quality photos, ensuring that you are creating good content is also important. Most advertisements that stand out have a creative, unique, funny, or playfully sarcastic element.

Post Short and Captivating Videos

Surveys show that videos are more engaging than common photos. Fortunately, you can post short clips and videos on Instagram. Maximize this feature and produce videos to promote your business and to inspire your viewers.

Connect With Followers

Posting your advertisement may not be enough. You need to interact with your followers, engage in conversations, and answer any query. This way, you give that impression that not only is your business great and reliable but the service is also engaging and accommodating.

Make Your Instagram Post Different

If you have accounts on other social platforms, make sure your Instagram advertisement is different. After all, the appeal of the social media platform is different from that of Facebook or Youtube. You can create short yet distinctive descriptions instead.


Instagram is considered a great platform for social media marketing. You get to reach a wide range of audiences without having to put too much effort. With the tips mentioned above, you are already a step closer to having successful advertisements on Instagram.

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