Minor Home Improvement Fixes and Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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More often than not, opening one’s drawer at home feels like looking at the vast confusion of the universe. There’s so much junk and many unnecessary items. Home pantries often look like a war zone – shelves with cans and jars just stacked like no one cares.

Of course, you want an organized home, and to do that, you need to be mindful of the smallest details – otherwise, things can quickly descend into chaos. The best course of action here is to start small, in some parts of your house to create a domino effect that works in every room.

The entryway. The main issue here is the habit of leaving things out because we may use them at some point during the week. Start working on this area by putting out only the things you will need for the next day. Will you wear those shoes again tomorrow? What about the jacket, bag and scarf? If not, put them away in a wardrobe or cupboard instead of letting them pile up by the front door.

The pantry. Many containers of different sizes are a problem in the pantry. They look messy, and the jumble of shapes makes it hard to find things. Transferring the items you buy regularly into airtight containers is something a highly organised person would do. However, don’t buy all of those special containers, pouring everything into them one time and then still buying regular packages and shoving them on top of the pretty ones, which then flip over, totally ignored and neglected.

Start by making it a routine to go through your pantry every time you go to the market. Combine containers, remove the old stuff and wipe down the shelves. Add a few wire baskets if you want to hold unruly boxed goods.

Utensil drawer. We all have that one kitchen drawer that holds utensils, no issue there. But it’s not just utensils, is it? It also likely holds a range of cooking tools, cookie cutters, thermometers, chopsticks or even a few stray rubber bands. The issue here is that the utensils don’t completely fill the drawer, which leaves plenty of room for things like skewers from the barbeque last summer. Let it contain your everyday cutlery, and any other small tools you reach for regularly (measuring cups and spoons), and keep it at that.

Bathroom sink. Clutter issues in this area often come from a combination of being short on time in the mornings and having too many products. It may also seem essential to face the fact that you just don’t like getting things in and out of your cabinet.

Keep your daily essential toiletries in just one or two nice-looking baskets, set over the sink or toilet. If you buy another toiletry product that won’t fit in your bins, get rid of something else.

I live in an old home and everything needs improvement

You’ll be surprised how much some people try to improve their old house only to spend an awful lot of money in the process. If your issues go beyond the usual clutter, then perhaps you should consider a new house in a new neighbourhood. Check out the Lendlease housing communities with projects throughout Australia and find that one special new property to start your home improvement anew.

It is recommended to look through your house for any minor problem at least every month to avoid complications and major fixes in the future that would only cause huge expenses and inconvenience to the family.

So, what area of your home do you like best to be perfectly organised? Know any other tips to share with our readers? Share it with us!

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