Improve Your Business Machine: The 5 Best Office Computer Programs

There are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States. With so many small businesses out there, there’s probably a lot your business has in common with these businesses. Office computer programs are the things that make small businesses highly efficient.

What is common in most offices is the essential programs probably used to run the business.

Today, a lot of tech goes into a business. Every business has essential documents and data. Many of the roles we did by hand or on paper can now be done online.

The cloud and many smartphone apps also make it possible to do your job, wherever you are in the world.

Here are 5 office computer programs that every business needs.

The 5 Essential Office Computer Programs

These computer programs help you and your team perform your roles and increase business efficiency. Here are the programs your business needs.

1. A Data Backup Program

The most important program your business needs is a data backup program. You rely on your precious data and it’s essential you know where to find your data in case it gets lost.

Don’t believe us? Even if data loss isn’t caused by ransomware, 6% of PCs will lose data in any given year.

This is why you need a data backup plan. Third-party data backup software will help revive your data, in case it’s ever lost.

2. Accounting Software

Even if you outsource your accounting, it’s essential you have accounting software in-house and keep track of basic spending. This includes employee wages and gains/losses so you can easily report these factors on your taxes.

What are some examples? Many businesses hold Quickbooks as a standard. But there are plenty of other options out there.

3. Calendar

This may seem like an odd program choice, but hear us out. A digital calendar is the easiest way to organize your business life. This includes scheduling meetings and setting deadlines.

A calendar is essential if you constantly schedule appointments, such as if you own a small medical firm.

Many digital calendars, such as Google calendar, are free. They can even integrate with other apps, such as Gmail.

4. A CMS Platform

Content is king. And you need to have a platform to publish your blogs. This is where a CMS platform comes in.

You can opt for common CMS platforms such as WordPress or Wix. You can also choose to create your own CMS platform if the content creation and website management you require are more intricate.

5. Microsoft Programs

Finally, do you have a Microsoft Office subscription? And are all Microsoft programs updated? If not, you’re lacking the most basic tools your business needs. Common Microsoft programs include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I typically point folks toward free online Excel Training at

Can’t afford the newest Microsoft programs? There are free alternatives. You can also download extensions to utilize Microsoft programs for more tasks, such as reading code. Find out more.

Improve Your Business with Tech

From handling customers and employees to saving your data, there are many office computer programs your business needs.

Need more advice on how to make your business better and more efficient? We offer even more business advice browse our business stories and don’t forget to bookmark our site.

renting small business office space. Photo by Cadeau Maestro from Pexels
Small business office space. Photo by Cadeau Maestro from Pexels
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