Why WordPress Is Good For Your Business Website

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms on the web. It powers over 50 million websites online. In fact, estimates go as high as 30% of all websites. As a business owner, you might be thinking about using paid website builders or platforms. Meanwhile, wordpress is completely free. Being open source, you have access to one of the most widely used content management systems around. For some, this might sound too good to be true. While wordpress does receive its fair share of attacks, they security has tightened over the years. If you are considering a platform for your business website, here is why wordpress is good for your business.

User Friendly Setup And Maintenance

Starting off, WordPress is extremely easy to download and install. The open source software is built to work in various hosting environments on minimal resources. On top of that, many wordpress hosting providers have “one-click” wordpress installs. Which means, you can actually install wordpress for your business website in one click. Once the site is installed, the maintenance of the site is easy to perform too. There are many wordpress updates each year. The updates are one click away so that almost anyone can do it. For small businesses, the user friendly setup and maintenance makes your website management hassle free.

Customize WordPress To Meet Your Needs

Business owners can customize wordpress to meet their needs. Many companies use their websites to simply create a brand identity online so that people can learn about them. Since there are thousands of wordpress themes available, there is bound to be an option that matches your company’s brand. Plus, the design and appearance can be totally customized to look anyway you want. There are many web designers that work exclusively on wordpress, providing high end custom designs. When it comes to the appeal of your business, the possibilities are endless with wordpress.

WordPress Has Built In Permissions For Users

As a business, wordpress gives you permissions to manage users. For security purposes, you may want to limit the privileges of users on your website. In the backend, business owners can set user roles like administrator, editor, author or contributor. This lets you control who can manage content and the backend options of the website. If you need advanced user management, you can install additional plugins that let you control even more features for each user. If you plan on having multiple users on the business website, the built in permissions is a great feature to take advantage of for businesses.

Several SEO Benefits For Business Websites

WordPress offers businesses many search engine optimization (SEO) features by default. After installing wordpress on your web hosting account, you can enable user friendly permalinks, categories and tags. These functions allow you to organize your site for users and search engines. Moreover, you can install SEO plugins that automatically create a sitemaps so that your content can be picked up by Google, Bing and other major search engines. It will be a major boost to your business when you start attracting high quality, organic visitors to your website. With wordpress, you can help people find your website with a strong SEO foundation.

A Mobile Friendly Platform

While its important to have your business presence online, wordpress is built for mobile and desktop users. Many wordpress designs are now responsive. This means your website will look presentable and easy to read on all sorts of devices. Whether the site displays on a large monitor or the smallest phone screen, it will adjust the text accordingly. Since many of your customers and visitors are on their phones throughout the day, wordpress can help you prepare to make sure that they can interact with your website from any device.

WordPress is great for business because of all the customizations and flexibility that it offers. It is one of the easiest platforms to use. It can be designed to look like any branding requirements. The backend has built in features for multiple user management and SEO traffic. On top of that, wordpress has embraced the growth of mobile with responsive design. For many businesses out there, wordpress offers all of the features you could possibly need while remaining free for use. Additionally, you can add any other functionality that your business needs using the wordpress platform including security upgrades, ecommerce solutions and social media integrations. When it comes to your business website, wordpress is a good option that has worked for millions of others. It could work for your business as well.

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