Ecommerce marketing tips for the wellness sector

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It’s not easy to come up with a good marketing strategy when talking about ecommerce. The things get even more complicated when the business you own is very specific. Businesses in the wellness sector have to find strategies that are very catchy, considering the small target audience they need to address to. If you find yourself in that situation, this article will answer most of your questions related to ecommerce marketing. Keep an eye on all the tips listed here, apply them and the outcome will surprise you.

Getting active on social media platforms

Social media won’t be gone any time soon, contrary to the popular belief. Social media is the strongest tool you can use to get exposure. Millions of people use social media channels to get their information and news from, so making sure that you build a presence for your company on these platforms is a must. Companies in the wellness sector can successfully create their image in the online field, as their services need ample descriptions and a lot of images to catch the attention of the public.

Moreover, social media platforms give people the chance to pay for advertising campaigns, which can reach thousands of people. Making announcements related to new offers or events that you host is much easier and more efficient through social media platforms.

Go mobile

After you build an online profile on the most frequented social media platforms, is time to optimize everything for mobile use. People are now dependent on their phones rather than their desktops, and you need to wisely take advantage of that. The ads you promote on social media platforms send users to your official business website. Once they click the ad, they will be redirected to a different page. If this page doesn’t load the way it should, people tend to exist the website.

The same goes if the page is not listed properly when accessed from a mobile phone. Inaccessible websites make the bounce rate go through the roof. The bounce rate is a term used in ecommerce marketing analysis and it includes the number of people who enter the website for a short amount of time and they leave immediately after. You need to optimize your website so the bounce rate is as little as possible. Test how mobile-friendly your website is, but don’t neglect the desktop version either.

Mail campaigns

Using email may seem outdated, but it is definitely not. Email campaigns can help your company gain notoriety among people. First of all, create a mail list of your active customers and come up with loyalty programs. A monthly newsletter to let people know what’s new at your company should be enough. You can’t spam people either, as they might unsubscribe rapidly and all the efforts will be in vain.

When putting together a mail campaign, you must use persuasive content and catchy designs. Use an email template so that clients can recognize your brand easier. Email is one of the most effective channels that allow companies to get more private with the customers and gain their attention. Make sure that your data is clean, proofread and custom. You can opt for automated programs that can schedule and send emails for you or you can hire specialists to do it professionally for maximum results.

Booker apps

Here’s one of the big reasons why people avoid wellness centers – making an appointment is too complicated and takes too long. You can get rid of this problem by using a booker app for your company. It’s much easier to handle, both for you and your clients. The investment will surely be worth it. Once you start using a booker app, clients can access it, see when the wellness center is available for new bookings, select their preferred dates and introduce their data. Your employees will automatically receive the respective information and they can keep better track of the appointments.

Spa calendars

Another perfect strategy to attract clients on your ecommerce website is to use spa calendars. These calendars are supposed to present all the activities and services that are available during a day. Completing a spa calendar for one month in advance and filling the days with attractive information in regard to the wellness services will increase the number of people who visit the website, and will also convince potential clients to make an appointment. Make sure to create special spa calendars for the holiday season. People who look for methods to relax will always get informed about what a wellness center has to offer. Some may look for unconventional activities while others might prefer the classic services. Your spa calendar must include all sorts of activities.

Always ask for feedback

For ecommerce businesses, especially the ones that include direct contact with customers, feedback is paramount. You need to include all sorts of ways in which the clients can give you advice related to your wellness services. There are always upgrades you can make in wellness businesses, so stay open to constructive criticism. Include surveys on your website, ask your customers if they enjoyed their stay in your wellness center through email or SMS or even phone your loyal customers every now and then to ask for their opinion on the company.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs were mentioned before as a strategy to keep your active customers loyal, but many people have no idea how to create compelling loyalty programs. Making people come back is the most important part of an ecommerce business. The more customers that come back to use your services you have, the less money you are going to spend on ecommerce marketing in the future. Once you build a brand and apply a series of marketing measurements to your company, this task will become visibly easier. The most efficient loyalty program is represented by reward systems (VIP cards, earning points that can be traded for services etc.), but you can get even more creative with them

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