Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers

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Gun lovers are just a little different from the rest of us. And if you know a friend or a family member whose main hobby is guns, then you know how big of a deal guns can be to a person. Sometimes, gun-related hobbies can be all-consuming – if your spouse or friend is into guns, that may be the only hobby they spend much time on!

And all of this makes giving gifts to your beloved gun nut tougher. After all, not all of us understand the ins and outs of firearms and the various sports and activities that they make possible. So how are we supposed to know what accessories or gun-related products are good bets as gifts?

We’re here to help. Below, we’ll lay out some of the best gift options for the gun lover in your life. Check out this list, and then head to your local retailers to find out more! (One quick reminder: Not all hobbies and sports related to guns are the same. Make sure that you know which activities that your gift recipient has a passion for, so that you don’t get skeet-shooting accessories for a rifle marksman or a deer blind for a trap shooter! Your local sporting goods store associate will be able to help you with this if you tell them what you know.)

A nice gun rack

Guns are more than just useful and fun: They can also be very beautiful, especially to their owners, who might consider them to have sentimental value. So its no surprise that many gun owners choose to put their guns on display.

Mounting a gun rack on a wall is a great way to show off a firearm while also keeping it conveniently close at hand. A beautiful gun rack can be a very meaningful gift.

Does your gift recipient prefer to keep their guns out of sight or stored away for any reason? That’s okay: You may want to consider getting them an attractive gun safe that will allow them to keep their firearms secure (and out of the hands of children and others) without making them an eyesore.

A good book on guns

There are a lot of dimensions to guns and firearm sports, and nearly every one of these dimensions has at least one great book about it. Gun collectors may want to keep the Blue Book of Gun Values close at hand, or may want to read about the history of guns. Hunters may want to learn more about their craft. There are plenty of books on target shooters, famous guns, firearms training, and so much more.

So just jot down what you know about your gift recipient’s firearms obsession and head to the book store. There are so many great gun books that you’re sure to find a book that touches on their favorite aspect of firearms ownership and use.

Gunsmithing tools

Getting gunsmithing tools and accessories can be the best option when you’re shopping for a serious hobbyist. But how can you know what they actually need?

If your gift recipient isn’t dropping any hints, try to sneak a photo of their tools and accessories so that you have a record of what they already have. Armed with this and with some basic knowledge of what sorts of firearm sports your loved one is into, you should be able to find great gift options online and in stores. For more advice, just ask someone at the sporting goods store or on an online forum (just be sure it’s not the one your loved one reads and posts on)!

Upcycled gun-related crafts

A well cared-for gun can last a long time, but some aren’t so lucky. Along with bullets, shell casings, and other gun-related items, parts of destroyed guns can be upcycled by clever artists and turned into gun-related decor.

Why not go hunting for the perfect decorative touch? You’ll find lots of great stuff on sites like Etsy! It’s just one more great way to give a gift to a gun lover.

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