Ideal E-commerce Platforms For Artists This Year

The e-commerce industry is growing and according to reports, by the year 2040, more than 95% of purchases would have to be facilitated by e-commerce. This is one of the main reasons why the art market is moving online in order to tap from the growing millions of customers. By simply searching for an item on any of the search engines, you have over a hundred websites you can shop art from.

With an increasing number of online customers, you will find it interesting to know that there are a number of e-commerce platforms where makers and artists alike can choose from. While there are a number of these platforms, how then do you choose the best one? To enable you to do that, we have conducted tons of research on the various e-commerce platforms based on these features:

  • Easy to make use of
  • Order customization
  • Inventory tracking
  • Payment options
  • Offline e-commerce integration

The best e-commerce platforms artists can choose from include but are definitely not limited to these:


You will find it interesting to know that Shopify which happens to be one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world is also one of the easiest ones to make use of. This platform is ideal for beginners that do not want to spend a considerable amount of time on things like web developing, coding, and hosting. One of the most amazing things about this platform is that the themes on this platform are of high quality and also you can have it running in less than no time.

One of the many advantages of this platform is that the set-up process has been made to be as simple and less time consuming as possible. On this platform, you can quickly accept payments from Shopify Payments and also open Shopify store with Printify where you can sell various print on demand products.

Big Cartel
This platform has been designed specifically for artists in mind. While this platform does not come with more features as the Shopify platform, it offers artists the most competitive prices. Like the Shopify platform, Big Cartel is also ideal for beginners seeking to sell prints, unique ceramics, and paintings. It is has been designed best for small business owners that are looking for an ideal platform to showcase and sell their artwork.

The main advantage of this platform is that it is straightforward and also free to set-up. It also happens to support large and small orders.

While this platform was developed specifically as a content management platform, you will find it interesting to know that it has expanded into the e-commerce industry. While this platform does not have some of the cool features found in other platforms, it has become the most popular platform among artists, fashion designers, restaurateurs, and photographers alike. One of the many advantages of this platform is that it has a number of beautiful themes and designs and at the same time being easy to make use of. On this platform, you can quickly customize your store.

According to, Etsy is one of the original e-commerce platforms that offer artists a number of options to choose from and this makes it one of the best e-commerce platforms to sell art. It is a perfect place to sell your arts. Like most of the other platforms mentioned above, the Etsy platform is also easy to set-up and make use of. It has been designed in such a way that even those with little or no knowledge of how these platforms work can easily set up everything and begin making use of it.

This is an ideal platform for artists with little knowledge of web design. Interestingly, this platform has most of the same features as the Shopify platform and it also offers beginners similar payment plans as Shopify. Also, there are a number of tools that can help small businesses grow. One of the many advantages of this platform is that it is easy to get started and make use of.

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