Looking Chic for Church

Even in Medieval times, people took the time to look their Sunday best for church. Perhaps they put on their cleanest dress and tied a ribbon in their hair. Fashion has come a long way since then, but women still dress up to celebrate their religion.

The Demure Look

Actress Jennifer Garner was recently spotted attending church in a dove gray long skirt and a white cashmere sweater. Even though the beautiful actress stands out wherever she goes, the demure look is certainly an appropriate way to go for Sunday morning. Neutral tones and modest cuts help worshippers keep their attention focused on the service. Pantsuits in blue, black and gray paired with flats or modest heels convey a formal look without being too flashy.

Since most church services involve a lot of standing, comfortable shoes are ideal. Kitten heels or two-inch heels look fabulous with most outfits and are easy to walk in.

Vibrant Colors

For working women that want a special look for church, vibrant colors draw the eye and inspire a joyous ambiance, especially during praise songs. Yellow, pink and purple pastels mimic early spring flowers like daffodils and tulips, while gorgeous floral-inspired dresses help the wearer express gratitude for summer blooms like roses and sunflowers.

Designers Who Make You Look Good

The following top designers have created church dresses that impress: Donna Vinci, Lily and Taylor, Fifth Sunday, Giovanna, Terramina, Devine Apparel, Elite Champagne and Nubiano. Church Suits For Women are unique ensembles that are both flattering and appropriate for a religious setting. They come in silk, taffeta, cotton and unexpected materials, such as elegant black denim. The best news is that upscale styles let the wearer express their preferences–whether that’s polka dots, bold patterns or solids in eye-catching hues or color combos.

Hats and Purses

Church is the ideal place to showcase a favorite hat and matching purse. With the office becoming more and more casual, church is one of the few places where women can really dress up without feeling out of place. A small clutch bedecked with sequins and other embellishments adds glitz without detracting from the rest of the outfit. However, for those who enjoy wearing a hat to church, a close match is crucial.

Jewelry completes a look, but church is one place where a little goes a long way. A single necklace such as a silver or gold cross or a string of pearls is sufficient, for example. With a little forethought and some wise shopping, parishioners can look their best when it really counts.

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