Netcore Cloud Study: Dating Industry’s 11% Click-to-Open Rate Continues

Netcore Cloud, a global marketing automation firm, conducted a study of 100 billion emails sent across various industries, according to its latest press release.

The report covered 20 major verticals including Banking, Ecommerce, Entertainment, Finance, Foodtech, Media, Retail, Real Estate, Travel, and Dating. Not surprisingly, dating emails still perform best.

It also showed how various verticals differ by best and worst day to send emails and lists best practices to improve opens.

Key takeaways from the Netcore Cloud study

  • The dating industry had the highest click-to-open rate at 11%.
  • This high click-to-open rate suggests that the dating industry has been successful in creating engaging and relevant email content that resonates with its audience.
  • The average click-to-open rate across all industries was 9%, indicating that the dating industry performs better than average in terms of email engagement.
  • Netcore Cloud’s study highlights the importance of creating targeted and engaging email content that appeals to specific audiences, as this can lead to higher engagement and ultimately, better business outcomes.


Netcore Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that specializes in helping B2C brands and marketers create AI-powered customer experiences. The company’s marketing platform offers personalized digital experiences that it says are highly scalable, with real-time reporting and analytics, as well as fast, easy-to-implement solutions across all channels. Netcore Cloud gives brands a unified view of their customers so they can optimize their user experience.

Last month, Netcore Cloud announced it will partner with Chingari, a Web3 short video app, to improve the user experience of its platform. The global customer experience expert company will leverage its AI-powered and insight-driven capabilities to guide user journeys on Chingari’s app through its signature offering of Contextual Nudges & Walkthroughs.

The new collaboration allows Chingari to offer a more seamless and personalized user experience to its users.

netcore cloud

Netcore Cloud has headquarters in Mumbai, India. It also has 11 offices across the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia, UAE, UK, and Germany, serving more than 6500 customers worldwide.

The company delivers over 20 billion emails and 15 billion push notifications each month, managing a scale of 120 trillion user events annually. Netcore Cloud is a trusted partner to a variety of industries, including respected brands like MaxLife Insurance, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered, Flipkart, Myntra, Miss Amara, Airtel, Disney Hotstar, Canon, Puma, Tobi, EaseMyTrip, PizzaHut and McDonald’s. To learn more about Netcore Cloud, visit their website at

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