There are Problems in the Trucking Sector.

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HWY Pro, a new app for truck operators, aims to make trucking less costly, less stressful, and overall more efficient for the industry. The trucking sector as a whole is undergoing major changes with advances in new technology and changing demand. HWY Pro aims to enter the market at a crucial time to introduce innovative solutions to the industry.

HWY Pro was developed by former trucking professionals Bill Busbice, Paul Svindland, and Harry Hover. The trio once ran Ace Transportation, a highly-ranked trucking service that catered to the oil and gas sector. Mr. Busbice calls HWY Pro the Uber for truckers. As Uber streamlined transportation needs of commuters, HWY Pro aims to streamline the transportation of goods via trucks. The ultimate goal of HWY Pro is to make trucking more efficient.

HWY Pro Lets Truckers “Just Drive”

Truckers are commonly believed to be driving on highways most of the time that they are on the clock. In reality, truck operators spend hours on and off the clock arranging and organizing load dispatchers. Truckers are still reliant on archaic methods of managing load dispatches, which involves making a lot of phone calls and filling out countless forms. Some truck operators have to take personal time off to make dozens of phone calls before delivering a load to the end destination. HWY Pro allows truckers to arrange a load in less than six clicks. Truckers will not have to waste time doing things like making phone calls. Thus, truck operators will have more time to just drive and get the load delivered.

Truckers Can Organize Many Loads at Once

The app has come with a highly practical function called “load insight” that allows truckers to arrange “tens of thousands of loads” directly using a mobile device. It eliminates paperwork and other hassles associated with such a task. The feature makes trucking life much more productive and less time-consuming.

HWY Pro Could Help the Industry Address Driver Shortage

The trucking sector employs more than 7 million vehicle operators, according to the American Trucking Association. The number actually falls short of the demand for truck drivers. The trucking industry has a shortage of about 40,000 truck drivers, the ATA estimates. By 2022, this number could swell to as much as a quarter million. Truck driving is a tough job, so this shortage is not easy to fill.

This is where HWY Pro can fill in. According to its developers HWY Pro makes the trucking life less stressful by eliminating many frustrating tasks. Drivers can also arrange to take on more loads without the added strain. Apps like HWY Pro can make trucking more appealing to new recruits. It can also help existing drivers easily take on more loads to make up for the driver shortage.

HWY Pro could additionally help out with the capacity strain on the federally mandated electronic logging system that truckers use. HWY Pro is also being launched at a time when freight rates are increasing. The developers hope that the app will be a fresh new introduction to the trucking world that makes the industry better in numbers.

HWY Pro is available for download directly at and will soon be available on Google Play and App Store as well.


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