Protecting Your Money And Your Business

When it comes to businesses, you have a lot to protect. Not only do you need to be in control of all of your info, and the info of your employees, but you also have customer information to be concerned about. When people buy products and services from you, they expect that their private information will be kept safe.

With all of the security breaches the last few years, there is now proof that businesses need to step up their security more. If you want to make sure your customers don’t end up like Home Depot customers and lose money from their credit card and bank accounts, you need to take every precaution possible to protect the info you keep on hand.

Encryption Software

Software encryption, including email encryption, does a lot for your business, but it’s extremely important when it comes to protecting information in both emails and documents. With encryption you can ensure that only the people that are meant to read those documents and emails are reading them.

Make sure that you are always using encryption when documents or emails contain things like credit card numbers and social security numbers. This is info that could really hurt customers, and your business, if you aren’t protecting it.

Online Banking And Notifications

Individuals and businesses can greatly benefit from all of the banking options their banks offer these days. Not only can you check your accounts online, but most banks have banking apps now as well, so you can keep an eye on your accounts from anywhere, any time.

Not only can you check your account status, but you may even be able to set up alerts. You can have alerts that let you know when money has been withdrawn, and how, or when deposits go in. You can even get notifications daily, or weekly, letting you know your current balances.

Virus And Malware Protection

Make sure that all of the devices you are using for both banking and business are protected. Only shop on secure sites, and make sure your business pay sites are secure as well, so that shoppers can feel safe paying with their credit cards.

You also need to make sure that you have both virus protection and malware protection. While both are completely different afflictions, they can both be used to steal information from your websites, and your computer systems. By having protection you can work better to keep your info safe, as well as your customers info.

Nothing will ruin your day, and your business, faster than finding out that someone hacked into your computer system and stole important information that could lead to identity theft or even bank fraud. Do what you can to stay safe.

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