Serial Killers And Criminal TV Shows

It’s not really news that there is always a new crime drama coming to television, and with streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu you can watch all of the crime shows and serial killer movies you want to. But what is this entertainment doing to the world, and the minds of the people that watch them?

Often, when someone kills people, the TV shows or video games they played get blamed. But can you not also blame such shows for the people that work the behind the scenes of real crimes, like the criminal lawyers and FBI agents. Some people are inspired by the shows to be on the good guys side as well.

Here is a look at some of the current shows and movies out there that revolve around serial killers and crime that you may want to check out!


For fans of serial killer mythology, Aquarius is revolving around the tale of Charles Manson and his family, whom he coerced into killing for him. He is spending his life in prison, and he didn’t actually kill anyone himself. The story goes undercover into the family, and the people the followed Manson.

It stars David Duchovny, and is an interesting story getting into the history and background of one of the most prolific men to ever be charged as a serial killer.

Orange Is The New Black

Like shows about prisons before it, OITNB takes you into the world of the prison system, but the women’s prison system this time. It is based on a book written by the person portrayed by the title character, Piper. She, in fact, did spend time in a women’s prison, and while the show takes some creative liberties, it is a good look at the prison system and what goes on behind closed doors.

It finds a way to make you feel sorry for the people that have done wrong and are paying for their crimes. With four seasons under the belt, this Netflix original doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.


For fans of psychics and serial killers, Solace offers a great fictional tale about a psychic helping the FBI hunt down a serial killer. While many serial killer movies throw in some of the cheapest actors, or have no familiar names on the credits, this movie is sure to be stellar with some big names. It stars Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Colin Farrell.

Final Girl

Another good skiller movie, also from 2015, which is currently available for streaming on Netflix, is Final Girl. It’s kind of a victim strikes back tale, where a young girl is taught to be a deadly killer and wins out when some sadistic men who like to kill blond girls come after her. Stars Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley.

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