Very Important Reasons why Electric Motors are so Profitable

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OME Motors is worldwide renowned for its different types of atex electric motors. Indeed, this is a particular type of motor whose main feature is its suitability for explosive environments.

OME Motors is a true leader in this field and has been offering its customers explosion-proof motors that also have an excellent appearance for several years. As the company actually offers a wide choice of different types of atex electric motors, a special series has been created to include all of them, which goes by the name of OMEX.

The OMEX motors are ideal for a wide range of uses and contexts, from the chemical industry to mining operations. They are also perfectly compatible with industrial boilers, pumps and compressors.

The decision to focus on this type of product is explained by the many years of experience that today allow OME Motors to be recognised as an authority on electric motors and a key player in this field.

What Does ATEX Mean?

The term ATEX in itself means “explosive atmosphere.” It means a combustible air combination that could cause an explosion. This blast may be caused by some particular temperature and pressure conditions, regardless of whether the fuel material is gas or powder.

The OMEX series of electric motors is therefore designed strictly in response to the ATEX regulation, which specifies the degree of protection required for any product in potentially hazardous areas. More specifically, OMEX’s explosion-proof motors have ATEX Ex d IIB and IIC T4 certificates.

Here are the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres:

1) ATEX 137 is Directive 99/92/EC that sets out the minimum requirements for improving the health and safety protection of those workers who may be at risk from explosive atmospheres.

2) ATEX 95 is Directive 94/9/EC that defines the approximation of the laws of Members States concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The Best Advantages of OMEX Motors

The explosion-proof motors of the OMEX series have plenty of advantages to keep in mind.

First and foremost, there is definitely the idea of wishing to supply a motor which is suited to a potentially dangerous working environment that can be also reliably used. Therefore, the type of use presented to the customer will always be effective, so that the best performance can always be guaranteed.

Ball bearings have been specifically incorporated to reduce vibration and noise from the engine, and an improved overload capacity can also be ensured. The company’s electric motor also has the fundamental quality of having a higher temperature margin, while still maintaining a very neat appearance and accurate finish.

OME Motors has also considered the standard durability of an electric motor, and is offering an electric motor that can be easily installed and repaired. In conclusion, it is essential to mention that all new technologies used by OME Motors are in line with the highest European standard.

one of the OMEX low voltage electric motors. Image by NewsBlaze.
An OMEX low voltage electric motors. Image by NewsBlaze.

Application Fields

As there is wide and varied choice among OME Motors products, it is always possible to find the electric motor that suits each specific situation.

OME Motors offers the perfect electric motor for every field of application, due to the increasingly customisable features of its products. Indeed, for many years the company has been providing a customising service, which allows customers to present their own project and create a tailor-made solution with OME Motors that fits entirely the client’s needs.

Among the items already available in the company catalogue, however, there are many types of electric motors which can be used for ventilation, machinery, turbines, compressors and specific plants.

The choice is very broad and with OME Motors customers can most easily find the perfect solution to their specific requirements. There is also the ability to custom design a specialized unit.

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