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Skill Software FMEA Software

Skill Software is a subsidiary of the German company Böhme & Weihs. For over three decades, it has produced what is widely considered to be among the world’s most precise FMEA Software.

What Is FMEA Software?

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis software, FMEA for short, is an analysis tool used in the aerospace, automotive, and other industries where quality management is a serious issue with legal ramifications. The term failure mode refers to the myriad of potential and actual errors or defects, especially those which adversely affect the consumer. As for effects analysis, this refers to analyzing, monitoring, and prioritizing the effects of these failures.

There is also DFMEA software, where the D is for design. This software focuses on the design process of the components, interfaces, and subsystems of an entire system.

How FMEA Software Helps

The main objective of FMEA software is to improve products and processes, in order to reduce the engineering workload. It does this by optimizing machine performance and the availability of different resources. It also identifies and analyzes high-risk components.

For engineers who know how to properly use this software FMEA is invaluable. It generates reports and indicator rich graphs that illustrate the seriousness and priority level of different risks. It also reveals the causes of these risks.

What’s more, FMEA software solutions are used to improve the design of products and processes in such a way that they have maximum reliability, quality, security, and client satisfaction. As an upshot of all of this, it also reduces overall costs.

IATF 16949 Regulations

In addition to helping companies improve quality, reduce costs, identify and analyze risks, reduce waste, and bolster customer satisfaction, FMEA software can also help with compliance with the internationally binding IATF 1649 requirements. This is of special importance for any company involved in automobile manufacturing.

IATF 1649 is a set of Quality Management System that pertain specifically to the automotive industry. It is based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Its ultimate objective is to continuously improve automobile manufacturing, emphasize error prevention, and reduce waste in the automotive manufacturing supply chain.

As such, IATF 169949 applies to any organization that’s not only involved in automobile manufacturing, but also those that are involved in providing materials for this industry. Moreover, the norm holds for companies of all sizes and independently of where they are located. Thus, everyone from small manufacturers to multinationals can benefit from Skill Software’s FMEA Software.

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