How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During the Summer

Summer is here and all parents are looking for ways to keep their kids busy. If you don’t plan the activities ahead, the summer holiday can prove a stressful time for both you and the children. The last thing you want to hear is your children stating that they are bored and they have nothing to do. When they say it once it’s ok, but when they repeat it ten times an hour it can drive you crazy.

This guide will help you take the hassle out of the summer holiday because we have put together a list of interesting activities, kids can have during summer.

They can try a new sport

Both girls and boys should get involved in different sports because they boost their growth and help them develop their skills. If your children have no idea what sport they would like to try, you can choose for them, or you can switch the TV on a sports channel for a few days. They will find inspiration and will want to try something new starting tomorrow. You should allow your children to join a sports team and try new things every time they get bored with the one they are practising. It’s important for them to stay active in a healthy way, and most of the sports require children to spend time outdoors so they will do something else than playing on their computer for a couple of hours.

Trying a new sport can also help them make new friends because they will meet new people who share the same passion for the activities they try. Bonding with other children will help them create long-lasting memories, and who knows, maybe they discover that they want to perform at a certain sport.

Many centres are organising events during the entire summer, so you should check your area to see what options are available.

Help them delve into the history

All cities have a small museum that allows children to find more about history, so you should regularly take your children to a new museum and discover new historical facts. History will teach them about the great figures of the past, so as you chat about different characters, you should highlight their strengths and weaknesses to help your children understand that people have both positive and negative parts.

If they are interested to find more about the past, you can even study it at home. You will only need some encyclopaedias that dig into events and biographies of people. When you study atrocious characters, you should always tell your kids what caused them to become villains. History offers parents the opportunity to discuss with their children ethics, morals, and to teach them what is wrong and right. It will allow kids to create their own opinion and to form a view of the world.

The people and events in the past created the world your children live in and delving into history will help them understand why current events are happening.

Enrol them in a sports camp

Not many schools offer children the opportunity to try multiple sports, but a camp that is specialised in these activities will help them explore their passions. So if you have noticed that your children have an interest in outdoor activities different from the core school sports, you should search for a camp that offers them the opportunity to gain experience in that particular domain. Searching for a sports camp in Ontario is not difficult because you can find online suggestions on the organisations that facilitate outdoors activities. It’s advisable to choose a camp with experience in helping children enjoy the outdoors.

From water sports to tennis and soccer, all the activities children can take part in a sports camp will help them develop new skills and grow connections. Summer camps are designed to allow children to have a deep dive into a subject they like. For kids to explore their passions, it’s important to give them more than a week immersed in sports activities. They may enrol in the camp because they want to become better swimmers, but they may discover while being there that they would also want to play softball. It’s advisable to enrol them in a camp that offers access to multiple sports, it will allow your children to choose the activity they like.

Take them to the local market

You may wonder why you should take the children to the market. Well, you will be surprised to find out how enjoyable the experience will be because children are marvelled by everything they haven’t seen before. The farmer’s market is a great place to visit with your children during the summer, you will grab fresh fruits and vegetables and they will have the opportunity to talk to people who grow their food.

If you befriended one of the farmers, they will be more than happy to share with your children some secrets they use to grow the fruits and vegetables.

Another great activity would be to take the children to a local farm and ask them to help you pick the veggies. They will discover that nothing is tastier than the fresh fruits and vegetables they harvest themselves.

Once you bring the vegetables home, you should ask them to help you cook the meal. You will establish a routine they will love and that will keep them busy for an entire day. Don’t try to cook something complex, a simple Pavlova is perfect.

Organise local trips

The summer holiday is the perfect opportunity for children to explore the surroundings. During weekends, you should hike the hills and explore the forests. If possible, you should even take them for a bike ride, they will be active while exploring places they have never seen before. You should explore every small area of nature, even if you visit it twice, they will still find it interesting.

You should team up with other parents and organise treasure hunts in an area easy-to-follow on a map. Children love maps so they will definitely enjoy the experience.

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