Five Kitchen Trends That Will Make Waves in 2019

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The year 2019 will see a boost in kitchen interior designs. Gone are the days of sterile, immaculate-looking kitchens as people welcome more colors and various textures and finishes. Homeowners try to strike a balance between function and aesthetics, redefining the kitchen as more than just a place to cook and prepare meals but also a luxurious hub where family members gather and bond.

For anyone looking to revamp or renovate the kitchen, here are the top kitchen trends to consider.

  1. No more pure white

Perhaps the most evident kitchen trend this year is homeowners and designers are gearing away from the pure white canvass. White is still a treasured color in most kitchens, it’s quite a challenge to keep it clean daily. So, try adding pops of color here and there, whether it’s an aqua stool, sleek stainless lighting fixture, or a fun colorful artwork. They make a rich and dramatic contrast against the pure white monotony, giving the kitchen a very memorable look.

  1. Stone backsplashes and countertops

This year is undoubtedly all about giving the kitchen a seamless look, and right now, there’s a movement towards one material for backsplashes and countertops. And the popular material of choice is stone. Stone is an excellent choice because it has low environmental impact, it’s reusable, and of course it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, stone backsplashes and countertops have rich textures and finishes that further contribute to that seamless, coordinated look. If you’d like to know more how stones and other materials are finished to perfection, visit this page.

And as far as backsplashes and countertops go, many homeowners are inclined towards granite, quartz, and quartzite. Meanwhile, those who’d like to go for a more luxurious look, onyx is an exciting choice. The key to creating a dramatic contrast between your backsplash and countertop is choosing stone materials, colors, and textures that play well with each other.

  1. Portable kitchen islands

Although the movable kitchen island has already been trendy for the past year or so, there’s no reason for it going anywhere soon. In fact, people will love this trend more this year and perhaps the upcoming years as well, thanks to the flexibility and practicality it provides.

The idea is to be able to move the island anywhere in the kitchen, so it’s more convenient for you to prepare and cook food. It’s also the perfect option for open design kitchens.

In 2019, the portable kitchen island gets a level up. As more families see it as a hub for gathering, they’ve made sure that kitchen islands are technologically equipped for various activities, such as laptop and mobile phone charging. Not only that, but we’ll also see more of them becoming multifunctional, like a wine rack at the bottom and a cooking area on the surface.

  1. Hardware-less drawers

Gold and silver hardware on cabinets and drawers have become quite a dying trend, due largely to the minimalist and seamless design many people are aiming for.

Hardware-less drawers will become more prominent in modern kitchens, featuring cut-out handles and touch-operated mechanisms. For wooden drawers and cabinets, recessed pulls are going to be in style, giving the furniture an uninterrupted look.

  1. Open shelving

The open shelf design isn’t exactly a new trend. It has been here for quite a few years already but has not shown any sign of slowing down in 2019. It’s predicted that more and more people will come to embrace it in their own kitchens.

The good thing about open shelving is that you get to showcase the kitchenware. You also have the opportunity to fill those odd spaces with random things like cookbooks, vases, and other items. IFor collectors of fine china, mugs, and porcelain plates, open shelving is also the best way to display them for guests to admire.

However, open shelving is not for everyone, particularly for people who can’t keep their kitchens as tidy and organized as possible. As open shelves readily expose all things into plain view, better make sure to place back things where they belong.

Final Thoughts

If you are renovating or redecorating your kitchen sometime soon, refer back to these tips to give the kitchen an updated look that stands out. Apparently, less is more this year, so take inventory of what you’re willing to let go in the kitchen to give it plenty of space to breathe and, ultimately, nail down that seamless and modern look.

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