money saving tips

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At the start of every New Year, people all around the world set themselves goals for what they would like to achieve throughout the year ahead. A lot of these people will be looking to save money, typically for a milestone event, such as welcoming a new child or buying their first house, or for a lavish purchase, such as a holiday.

There are a number of different approaches that can be used to accumulate a significant sum of money in 2019.


One way to make extra cash is to do some freelancing in the evenings and weekends. There are many different services freelancers can deliver over the Internet, from writing and translation to organising spreadsheets and doing admin work. There are many websites for this too, such as People Per Hour and Freelancer. Anyone can apply for jobs when they have the availability. After completing a few jobs and building up a profile, it is possible to make more money too.

PPI Claims

There have been many adverts on TV, asking people whether they are eligible for PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) compensation. PPI is a form of insurance sold alongside financial agreements, for instance, loans and credit cards, for the purpose of protecting the financial company should the policyholder be unable to make repayments due to unemployment or sickness.

However, a lot of people have found that their policies aren’t valid, as they would not be able to claim if they were retired or self-employed. This led to a ruling that means policyholders may be able to reclaim their premiums if they were mis-sold PPI. This can mean thousands of extra pounds in a person’s bank account.

The problem is that many people simply ignored these adverts, assuming there was no way they would be entitled to a pay-out. But, what’s the harm in finding out? The deadline on PPI claims is 29th August, 2019, so there really is no time to waste.

Survey Websites

A final way to make some extra cash over the year is to complete surveys. Yes, there are lots of survey websites out there that aren’t worth it. But there are a few good ones!

Websites like Swagbucks enable members to take different surveys on a daily basis and fulfil other tasks, for example, registering for particular online services and adding Swagbucks to their browser bar, and they will be awarded points, which can be converted into cash or vouchers. Cash payments are delivered through PayPal while there are numerous voucher options, including Amazon and Marks & Spencer.

For anyone looking to save a bit of money this year, the three options that have been mentioned above are a good way to start. Making a PPI claim could provide elegible people with a good lump sum to get started. After this, survey websites and freelancing jobs can ensure cash is being added to the savings account every month.